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My FA Cup Reaction: Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Grimsby Town

We came, we saw, it was boring, but we conquered

Eastleigh FC v Swindon Town - The Emirates FA Cup First Round Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Liam Trotter scored a sumptuous header in the first half as Bolton Wanderers overcame a spirited Grimsby Town as we deigned to grace the First Round of the FA Cup with our presence.

According to the club, 7,700 odd hardy souls made the cold their own and deserve a clap. Personally I chose to sit in front of the telly with the fire on and watched the game via the miracle of internet streaming.

I saw a fairly dull game, but at least I was warm.

I saw Jamie Proctor stink up the joint, again. I wonder what Phil Parkinson thinks when he sees Proctor ploughing some pointless furrow down the wide channels. It is incredibly frustrating to watch, and it happens every damned week. Sort it Phil.

We should, in reality, have won more comfortably than the scoreline suggested but as we have come to understand, in Parkinson-world a win is a win, and we should be content with that fact.

Props go out to Mark Howard for a string of good saves, and to whoever invented HD television so that I could see every single line and crease on David Wheater's face whenever there was a close-up. I thought Halloween was last week, but I guess I was wrong.

Bring on the Second Round.