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Ken Anderson's Q&A - Why the Supporters Trust Kept Quiet - and A Message to Ken

I found this very interesting

Bolton Wanderers v Charlton Athletic - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

So just over an hour ago the Bolton Wanderers chairman Ken Anderson concluded his first Q&A with supporters.

With most coming away content that the man most definitely has a plan, there was an issue raised afterwards about the role of the Supporters Trust in the evening's events.

Agitating for answers, it seemed odd afterwards that they didn't use the night as a platform to repeat their previously stated questions to Anderson.

So I reached out to Ian Bridge, whom I have known since my initial foray into the Trust (which in the interests of full disclosure, ended before the first meeting) for a response.

"All questions have been before Ken for some time.

We are not playing his game.

He went on record tonight as saying he would meet with us. It was his event and I emailed him a few days ago saying we had no desire to disrupt his chance to speak to the fans.

We do not engage in bear baiting."

So there you go. Whilst in attendance, they chose to keep quiet.

Personally I'd rather they were more proactive but I do understand their desire not to rock the boat.

On that same subject and with this website in mind, I'd like to respond to a couple of tweets where it was pointed out that Ken referenced our website and his desire for contact.

It may not be common knowledge but about three weeks ago I was invited to a meeting at the club to discuss working together.

I attended and met with the club's Marketing Manager, a very nice man named Paul and we spoke on several subjects before parting amicably.

Since then we have posted a couple of pieces which haven't gone down well with the Anderson family.

Whilst I fully appreciate their work and sincerity in helping the club, this website is proudly independent and as such a decision was made that we would verbalise (in writing) the concerns that some fans had.

It was therefore great to hear some of those questions answered tonight.

My closing message to Ken is therefore this - we are not here to rock the boat. We want...we both want what is best for Bolton Wanderers and if you would like to open up a dialogue then you have my number or you can email I am all ears.

So, what do people think about tonight? Should the Trust have piped up?

Leave your comments below the line.