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Why I Think Sammy Ameobi IS Really Good for Bolton Wanderers

I can't let Jonny talk smack about my boy

Northampton Town v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One Photo by Pete Norton/Getty Images

As you will have read earlier today, my blogging colleague Jonny has basically committed what Vito Corleone called infamita. That is to say, he has undertaken the most heinous act possible against one's own family, or against family life in general. I'm appalled.

He questioned whether Sammy Ameobi was really all that.

I disagree with him.

Since arriving at Bolton Wanderers, the younger Ameobi brother has been a huge success. Landing at the club on loan in the final hours of the transfer window, he has made the attacking wide position his own and has thrived in the last two months given the oxygen of regular first team football.

Yes, he may have a highly unconventional style.

Yes, he may well have the demeanour of a student who has just woken up after a heavy night.

Yes he has a daft haircut.

However, I don't think these are negatives. They add to his charm.

Zach Clough and Derik Osede aside, we are low on players with real technical brilliance, and Ameobi is the type of footballer whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Sammy Ameobi has been a breath of fresh air. I typed this furiously.

I only wish we had more players like him.

Do you watch football to get enjoyment from functional players like Andrew Taylor? Nobody ever said that Gary Madine was their favourite player.

Yet Sammy Ameobi has it all.

If he isn't our number one transfer target at the end of the season when his Newcastle United contract expires then something will have gone wrong somewhere. His time at the Championship club may well be coming to an end but that is not really a reason to knock him down. It sometimes takes a drop in division to make a player.

His end product might well be a little flaky, but when it works it works so so well. His goal against Sheffield United is the best we've seen at the Reebok in many a year. No other player could have scored that - not even Zach.

Join us Sammy. Join us.