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LOV Interviews @BWFC_Latam - An Argentinian Bolton Wanderers Fan Club

Chris spoke to one of the more interesting fan groups out there

I'm not sure if you use twitter, but if you do then chances are that you have come across @BWFC_Latam.

A fan-run account based in Argentina, home of the world's greatest ever footballer Lionel Messi.

Permanently happy and a source of great inspiration during tough times, I highly recommend that you give them a follow.

But who are they? Why would they choose to follow Bolton Wanderers of all teams? Surely there are more successful and interesting teams to choose to support in their own leagues?

Well, wonder no more. I spoke with the two fans behind the account, and this is what they had to say:

LOV - Hi there, care to introduce yourselves? How did you begin to follow the fortunes of our little club?

My name is Matias Foti.

I’m 19 years old and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My obsession with Bolton Wanderers started at the end of 2014 when my friend Nicholas Alvarez and I played some matches one afternoon on FIFA15. We chose to use Career Mode (where you choose a team and put yourself in the shoes (skin) of the manager. We chose the team Bolton.

It started as fun as with any random team, even though the club was well known after its time (passage) in the Premier League.

After (the passage of) a few weeks we started feeling affectionate for the team, i.e. we started to look for information on the history, the results, fan videos, etc. Since then with different editions of the video game our tradition is to play as our beloved Bolton Wanderers.

LOV - Well it's a shame you haven't gone with PES which is far superior, but I'll let you off. So how did you then progress to creating a social media account to take your obsession to the next level?

We study sports journalism and we created a Twitter account (@BWFC_Latam)about Bolton in order to share the passion of the Trotters to Spanish speakers and try to be a communicator.

LOV - Interesting stuff. So are you trying to spread the word about Bolton across the continent?

The account’s aim is to try to convey the Latin American football experience & passion, such as the exaggerated gesture GOOOOOOOOL!

LOV - Are you aware of any other Bolton fans in Argentina or in South America in general?

At the moment we find only two people in Argentina who are Bolton like us and the idea is one day we get together to watch a match.

We also found some fans in Brazil.

Unfortunately, its very difficult to find results and matches on TV since Argentinian TV only broadcasts the Premier League. The only way one has to watch the team live is through the internet when the games are televised.

LOV - It's sometimes hard over here too but I admire your determination. Can you remember the first game you ever saw on TV?

The first time we saw the Trotters live was the match vs Liverpool in the FA Cup in 2015 with a lamentable 1-2. (Until then we had only seen videos and, even if this seems funny, when we played FIFA).

LOV - I remember it well. Zach Clough made his name in that fixture, if memory serves me right. So who are your favourite players?

Our favourite players are Lee Chung-Yong, Darren Pratley, Zach Clough (“the British Messi”) and Mark Davies.

LOV - Do you have any plans to come over and see a game in person?

Our dreams is to some time travel and see a Bolton game at the Macron Stadium.

LOV - Well if you ever manage that make sure you publicise the fact and I'm sure you'll be met with a warm Boltonian welcome. How do you see our immediate fortunes in the next couple of years?

Hopefully the team is on it’s way back to the Premier League.

By that time we want to bring from England some team shirts to show our passion here in Argentina.

Despite the miles, the passion here is the same as if we were there.

Thank you for your interest in our history. Regards from Argentina and COME ON BWFC!!!

LOV - Thanks lads and thank you from all connected with Bolton Wanderers. I find it inspirational to think that our little old club can inspire such obvious passion and dedication even when located thousands of miles away.

You can follow the lads @BWFC_Latam - you will have to go a long way before you could find two more excitable and enthusiastic supporters.

If you are a Bolton fan based abroad and have an interesting story to tell, then drop me a line at