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The Ghost of Christmas Past

Here is a tale, of how Bolton Wanderers began to fail

Chelsea v Bolton Wanderers
Big Sam’s last game as Wanderers' manager
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Twas 2006, nearly 2007,

and Bolton Wanderers were in football heaven.

Third in the league, five wins in a row,

there was only one way they were going to go.

The players were all playing with pride,

even Nicolas Anelka had found his stride.

Big Sam was full of Christmas glee,

so off he went to see if he could go on a spending spree.

'Phil, the players are suffering from fatigue,

we need some extra quality to get into the Champions League.

Players like Franck Ribery, Samir Nasri, Hugo Lloris,

the young goalkeeper who plays for Nice.

A little more dough and I can take us on a Champions League ramble',

Phil replied 'I'm sorry Sam, it's not worth the gamble'.

Big Sam took a step back, he looked dejected,

he was getting too used to being rejected.

'Phil you give me no reason,

I'm going to have to resign and leave at the end of the season'.

Phil said 'Alright Sam, off you go,

big things come in little packages you know'.

So Big Sam departed and Bolton began to lumber,

until they fell into a debt ridden slumber.

But now, due to Parky's arrival,

Bolton Wanderers could finally begin their revival.

So there's the tale and I'm sure you'll all agree,

Phil Gartside should have let Big Sam go on that spending spree.