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Bolton Wanderers Half Season Review - Player-by-Player - The Strikers

Chris takes a look at the players on an individual basis and assigns an arbitrary number score accordingly

Bolton v Everton U23 - EFL Checkatrade Trophy Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Here we are. Part 3 - the strikers.

Let's not waste any time and crack straight on:

Jamie Proctor - 5

Not good enough. His numbers make for dire reading.

His work ethic is fine, and he earns five points for that, but as a centre forward he is failing miserably.

I understand that managerial instructions will more often than not lead him to play in positions other than as a striker, but when given the chance to play as a '9' Proctor has been a huge let-down.

Needs to improve, and fast.

Zach Clough - 8

A slow start, but a thunderous end to 2016 means that Clough will again likely be the main focus of visiting scouts to the Reebok.

Deft of touch and fleet of foot, Clough is the modern footballer's dream and it can surely only be a matter of time before his talents take him to a larger stage.

He deserves it and I will miss him greatly.

Keshi Anderson - 5

Another who must improve. An impressive debut hasn't led to anything more despite his obvious potential.

Gary Madine - 7

Has earned a 7 where a month ago he might have taken a 5. Madine is currently enjoying his best goalscoring run and his best run of form as a Bolton Wanderers player.

He is taking a battering from defenders but is finally finding his feet in front of goal and so is therefore finally earning the respect of some of the more hard-to-please Bolton Wanderers supporters.


So there you go. A swift review of our attacking options.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know below the line.