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FA Cup 5 Things: Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Leeds United

Business as usual at the Reebok

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

So Bolton Wanderers couldn't overcome Leeds United and their four million travelling fans - want to read my thoughts? No? Well tough.

Here are my talking points:

1) Our season is over in January

Relegation looks a matter of when rather than if.

Anyone requiring evidence of that can look at second bottom Charlton Athletic's victory away to Rotherham United yesterday, a place where we lost 4-0. The cup was the one chance left for a degree of excitement in our season, the opportunity to garner some positivity, have an away day to a top Premier League side, and hopefully pay a few bills along the way.

Yesterday's spineless first half showing saw an end to those hopes, and probably our season. And the transfer window hasn't even closed yet.

2) Leeds are actually quite good

I expected a Steve Evans side to be niggly, to break the game up and stop Wanderers gaining any sort of the momentum. Although they certainly did the latter, it was through an impressive passing game in midfield.

Diagouraga was immense, Lewis Cook was troublesome and made things happen, and Liam Bridcutt seemingly popped up wherever the ball found itself at the feet of a Wanderers midfielder.

Doukara looked dangerous throughout, causing Josh Vela a whole manner of problems early on. Although the second half performance did not reach the heights of the first, it was more a case of Leeds taking their foot off the gas than Bolton Wanderers gaining a foothold in the game.

I suppose their fans were alright too, but they need to learn more than 3 songs.

3) Neil Lennon does not have the respect of his players

The case in the home game against Brentford earlier this season in which Gary Madine called his manager a "pr***" was well documented due to the fact that his outburst was recorded on television. At the time, manager Neil Lennon laughed off this very public showing of disrespect.

Yesterday, the problem resurfaced with two of his players. After being substituted, Wellington Silva showed his age with a full blown tantrum, which culminated in him kicking the seats in the dugout before him.

In the same half, Liam Trotter appeared to take exception from his manager's criticism, leading to a 30 second "discussion" between the two which ended with Trotter looking to the floor and shaking his head.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen public disobedience from Wanderers players on a regular scale. The only case I can think of is Abdoulaye Meite's refusal to play for Gary Megson, but at least he waited until half time to air his feelings. One player's petulance can be put down to the individual's character, especially when that character is Gary Madine.

Silva, as we know, is a sulky child that spits his dummy out when things don't go his way, but I just don't see it from Liam Trotter. He's dealt with his return from manager-imposed exile with the upmost professionalism. Maybe it's time to start pointing fingers away from the playing staff, and towards the person managing them.

4) Rob Holding is becoming acclimatised to first team football

One of the few players to take some credit from yesterday's game was Rob Holding.

Finally being utilised in his natural position, he seems to be acclimatising to Championship level football.

With Prince seemingly on his way to Turkish football, he is one of only three fit centre halves, and the only one you can really say is in any sort of form. Somebody informed me yesterday that his contract runs out at the end of the season.

Let's hope we can find the funds to keep him at the Macron.

5) The inconsistent treatment of players by fans is baffling

Is it me, or do higher attendances bring with them a higher concentration of idiots in one place?

As I was heading for the turnstile, Liam Feeney walked over to the North Stand to thank the fans for their continued support in such dire times. He was greeted with the following:

"F**k off Feeney, you useless pr***! You're f***ing s**t Feeney. Pr***! F**k off"

I don't think he likes Liam Feeney, you know.

Add into the mix the decision by some fans to boo Wellington Silva's substitution.

Silva was garbage.

He offered nothing in support of Moxey defensively, and flattered to deceive going forward.

He had done nothing to deserve being kept on the pitch.

But because he's Brazilian, and he comes from Arsenal, the fans like him. Baffling. I'm sure he'll go on to have a more successful career than Liam Feeney, but he didn't deserve to be on the pitch in his place yesterday.