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The Shola Song

You thought my poetry was bad...

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

On the LoVS New Years Eve message I mentioned something along the lines of asking any one who ever wanted to do something creative on the subject of Bolton Wanderers to come forward and we'd offer the platform to get said creativeness a bit more of a platformer so fellow Wanderers can see it. In that message I mentioned a load of examples and one of those was even a song.

The comment then was a bit off the cuff but to prove our commitment to the weird (and in this case a little shite but who cares?) and creative, here is a song about Shola Ameobi that I wrote and recorded a couple of weeks back now. Before he scored on his last appearance against MK Dons, which was annoying.

I did initially air the song at the end of a #LOVpod, but as I've had no abuse for it I presume not many have heard it, so I guess, with Shola joining League One side Fleetwood Town and thus ending any chance of appearing in a White shirt again, this is a perfect time to outwardly share it with the world.

(By the way, friends who are about to listen to this, this is that surprise I was on about a few weeks ago and yes I know I'm about to be slated to high heaven. As I said, you don't appreciate the amount of ammunition I give you.)

So, if you thought my poetry was bad brace yourself for my singing...

Here is The Shola Song:

Who needs Kanye, eh?