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What Can Lennon's Bolton Wanderers Learn from the Dark Knight Rises?

Bear with me, please

Mirco Lazzari gp/Getty Images

Now I know that this a bit left field but fuck it - as far as things go this is my site and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you, dear reader, stop me writing about Bolton Wanderers.

My two great loves, family aside, are Bolton Wanderers and the world of Batman.

I'm 32 and unrepentent about the things that I like. I like football and I like comics. I don't care if you think that either are sad and that I need to grow up. I really don't.

But it struck me tonight, whilst watching The Dark Knight Rises, that the themes of the film and the plight of my beloved Bolton Wanderers are not too different, and that perhaps the powers-that-be could take heed of the lessons learned from the 2012 Christopher Nolan-directed movie and apply these same lessons to Bolton Wanderers leading us towards a brighter future.

The Comparables

Gotham finds itself in a state of political flux, with eight years having passed since the death of Harvey Dent.

Bolton Wanderers finds itself in a similar flux, with owner Eddie Davies finding it hard to pass on the torch to a new regime.

Batman himself is a pale shadow of the man he once was. Suffering huge financial losses due to internal and external factors, he is racing against time to save his beloved city and restore his own reputation.

Bolton Wanderers themselves are a pale shadow of the club we once were. Suffering huge financial losses due to internal and external factors, we are racing against time to save our beloved club and restore our once-proud reputation.

The Lessons

Ineffective and weak leadership can only move a company/city towards a singular path.

This path is one of corruption, of ruin and of a bleakness that overrides and dominates the sporting and political landscape.

We can learn from the time spent in the hellish prisons beside the Lazarus Pits of our own creation that whilst immortality may beckon, the consequences earned from the pursuit of everlasting life can only lead to ruin. You only need to look at Sara Lance to know what can happen when personal thought and feeling comes into a situation where logical justice is the only true objective.

That, and black spandex is cool as fuck.

The Conclusions

So what can Bolton Wanderers learn from the Dark Knight Rises?

I appreciate that it is a stupid conceit, and that I've probably had too much San Mig, but I don't care. If we neglect those elements that we consider irrelevant we are truly neglecting those that are most important. Extrapolating this bollocks to a sub-atomic level we can therefore see that not only are we a force for good, but that we must survive because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

There are elements amongst us - the League of Shadows, for example - agents of chaos (known in the trades as 'Dervitisms' that would seek to bring us to the brink of catastrophe. We must, though, remember our purpose and strive towards it, as heroes must do.

As the lovely Rachel Dawes once said - probably about Bolton Wanderers:

"It's not who we are, but what we do that defines us."