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Eddie Davies' Decaying Legacy

Has he ruined his name?

Michael Steele/Getty Images

After over two weeks of radio silence on the whole 'Bolton Wanderers desperately need a takeover to avoid being liquidated' front, we finally heard the first words of progress yesterday after months of seemingly none at all.

Dean Holdsworth's Sports Shield remain in the mix, as do the Bolton Wanderers' Supporters' Trust who are still in the process of getting all their bank accounts set up and all the rest of the red tape required to officially form the trust. There of course remains the Egyptian billionaire with a seemingly dubious past, Roger Tamraz, who has, according to rumour, now lodged his own consortium backed bid.

With rumours of other billionaires and consortiums also swirling in the wind, it seems as if things may actually now be moving at a favourable pace and direction. With the dreaded day in court, February 22nd, ominously looming on the horizon, it looks as if owner Eddie Davies will finally give his blessing to one of the interested parties by the end of the week. But we've all heard that before.

If the rumours do transpire to be true and Davies does make his mind up within the week would that be enough to stop the rot of the owner's decaying legacy?

Many would, and their well within their right to, argue no. Many would say that Davies is the main culprit for the pitiful state the once great club now finds it self in. Wallowing on the edge of League One, and worse existence, even unable to sign Shola Ameobi after he offered to play for free.

No matter who Davies may have hired to steer the ship for him in his absence, he was still the captain and must be held largely responsible as it slowly sinks to the murky depths.

Pulling all funding from the club without warning, not even willing to pay the Bolton staff, the very people who keep the club running, and a total lack of communication and clarity with workers and supporters a like has left everyone associated with Wanderers in a permanent state of anxiety. Never knowing what next bit of disastrous news will come next.

It says a lot of Davies that it takes the death of a friend and chairman to make an appearance in the spotlight and offer some, any, words to the fans.

"My view is that Bolton Wanderers will survive, we'll make sure it does, and we'll preserve Phil's legacy forever more."

Davies said, after the passing of 63-year old Phil Gartside, but will we? And who is we? Does he include himself in that we? Will he make sure it does?

Because it certainly doesn't seem like it at this moment in time.

I've commented before on how I do appreciate Davies' reluctance to sell to a bidder who is unable to prove they are capable of keeping the club a float, but it seems like his protectiveness is smothering us of breath. Besides, you don't make sure someone can pay road tax before selling them your car, do you?

Davies has undoubtably brought the best years of recent history to Bolton, European tours, cup finals, Wembley, unforgettable nights and eternal legends, but will that be his legacy? Or will the first thing Bolton supporters think of when they hear the name "Eddie Davies" be "oh, he's the one that nearly (or did) kill us"?

Without the benefit of a crystal ball I can't answer that question just yet, all I know is that Davies' name has been greatly tarnished in the minds of Wanderers fans, and how these next few pivotal days pan out will determine if he's destroyed it forever.