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Player Ratings: Brighton 3-2 Bolton Wanderers

Better late than never.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Being a Southerner, I didn't have to travel quite as far to watch Bolton Wanderers just get edged out by promotion chasing Brighton at the AMEX. Here's how I thought the players faired:

Starting XI

Ben Amos - 6

Competent display. Maybe could have done better with the first goal, he seemed to pause whilst coming out which allowed Murphy to pick his spot. It's odd praising the goal keeper when conceding three goals but I'm not sure what else there is that he can do.

Derik Osede - 6

Looked confident in the air and put in some great tackles.

Rob Holding - 7

Significantly above average. Was able to dribble out from the back with ease and was able to pick out players with long balls. Perhaps he shouldn't have been drawn in so easily for the second goal, which prevented him from being man of the match in my opinion.

Dorian Dervite - 4

After the first goal, which was only partially Dervite's fault, a guy who sat near me swore at him for four solid minutes. He looked shaky throughout, especially when dealing with Knockeart. Although the individuals in the defence showed moments of skill, as a unit they were cut apart. Possibly because the midfield was so crap, possibly because Brighton's attackers are good at football, possibly because the odd 3 at the back formation we played is something new.

Josh Vela - 6

Knockeart, who has had a great game, was able to dominate him.

Jay Spearing - 8

Best performer in the team. Gave his all and was consistently on the move.

Liam Feeney - 6

It felt like he gave up after missing his one-one-one (which was more good goalkeeping than poor attacking, what Amos should have done for the first goal perhaps.) When Silva came off, we lost all creativity on that flank and relied entirely on Feeney, which didn't work. Am average first half spares him from a low rating.

Mark Davies - 4

His worst game in a long time. He was anonymous throughout, excluding two occasions in which he lost the ball, both of which led to goals. Disappointing.

Wellington Silva- 7

Good ball in the box for the second goal and looked a consistent threat. After the third goal went in, he was waving his arms in the air to try and get the team morale going again which was great to see, considering that he is usually the first to throw a tantrum. His substitution, unless for fitness reasons, was a poor decision.

Darren Pratley - 5

He was brought down consistently and seemed to exemplify the inadequacy of the midfield.

Emile Heskey - 6

Despite scoring a goal, his performance was average. This wasn't entirely his fault as the centre-backs marking him had their hands all over him all game. Someone told the defense to try and find him with long balls, which didn't work, so after they changed tactic he was barely noticeable.


Zach Clough (On for Wellington, 66') - 6

Didn't get much time on the ball.

Kaiyne Woolery (On for Davies, 84') - N/A

Was put on too late to correct the lopsidedness of our attack.

Neil Danns (On for Spearing, 89') - N/A

Didn't do much either.

After Brighton's third goal, the team tried to slow the game down and see out the result, a wise move after having conceded the lead twice. This meant that there wasn't much going on after 60 minutes.