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5 Reasons Why Dean Holdsworth's First Job Should be to Sack Neil Lennon

New broom sweeps all away

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

So it appears that Bolton Wanderers could soon have a new owner.

That owner is Sports Shield - spearheaded by our former record signing Dean Holdsworth. Whether or not Holdsworth will anoint himself as chairman, or manager is another matter altogether - but in my humble opinion the first job of the new management/boardroom team should be to sack Neil Lennon.

Here are my reasons why:

1) Shit Win Ratio

Under Neil Lennon, Bolton Wanderers have won a grand total of 18 games.

That would be half decent, if we'd had played, say, 30 - but we haven't. The former Celtic boss has overseen 73 matches as manager of this famous old club.

This means that he is the proud owner of a 24.66% win ratio.

In comparison, Gary Megson had a 27.55% ratio, Owen Coyle a 33.33% ratio and Dougie Freedman 34%. In the interests of completism, Sam Allardyce left Bolton with a majestic 41.2% win ratio.

2) Lennon's Private Life

Arriving from Celtic with a reputation as a bit of a rum bugger, it appears that the Northern Irishman has carried on his wicked ways - appearing on the front pages of several newspapers following reports of a dalliance and subsequent fallout with a local strumpet who, it happened, was not Mrs Lennon.

This in itself is hardly brand new and worthy of much remark - but the story also made reference to Lennon issuing threats of physical violence against the woman, an offence for which some would have expected to have cost him his job.

The club brushed all this under the carpet in the worst cover-up since Bobby Charlton's bald spot but believe me, some fans find it harder to forget and it certainly taints our 'support' of the man.

3) Appalling Tactics

Predictably unpredictable, Lennon came down from Scotland as a staunch 'diamond' man - this isn't to say he's into his bling (did you see that pink shirt), but more that his formations carried an air of obviousness.

Since arriving at Wanderers, we've seen more or less every single formation known to man and Jonathan Wilson employed - with little success.

His inability, seemingly, to influence a game from the bench either with his tactics or substitutions leads me to think that he's not only tactically clueless, but also the most slow-to-react manager in recent memory. It's funny to think that perhaps if he stopped the touchline histrionics and instead focused on influencing a game then things might have turned out differently.

4) Our Away Form

Lennon arrived at the club in October 2014.

In his first season we won four away games from a maximum of 18 played.

In this, his second season, we have so far won a massive ZERO out of 16 possible away victories.

It's shambolic - there is little more to say about it.

He picks the team. He chooses the formation and the tactical approach. We've won a total of four away games under Lennon in 34 games - nearly a whole season's worth of matches.


5) Refusal to See What We All See

I'm not going to make this about Liam Feeney or Dorian Dervite - we've all got players that we believe are not worthy of a position in the team.

What I would say however is that Lennon's reliance and (what seems to be) favouritism towards a few members of our squad is nothing short of bizarre.

Feeney and Dervite are two examples, but the sidelining of Jay Spearing, the absence of Tom Walker and the continual selection of one Emile Heskey has had me (and others, I bet) scratching their heads every Saturday at 3pm.

It's strange how he seems to favour players one week, such as Neil Danns, then flips the switch and drops them for weeks and weeks on end.


There can be only one conclusion: Neil Lennon is doing, and has done, a shambolic job as manager of Bolton Wanderers.

Before you bleat on about his hand being tied financially - I completely agree - but look at the sort of job that Mick McCarthy has done at Ipswich Town. Look at the job that Sean Dyche has done at Burnley and look at the sort of job that Chris Hughton has done at Brighton - all managers who have turned clubs round without having tens of millions of pounds to spend.

Lennon, to his credit, has given our youngsters a good old try - and I am glad of this. However it's not enough to forgive him for his many mistakes, and he should be let go at the earliest opportunity.

Deano, hope you're listening.