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Immediate Reaction: Wolves 2-2 Bolton Wanderers

Is that... fight?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Who would have bloody thought it, eh?!?

A Bolton Wanderers team showing fight, grit and muster to somehow snatch a 2-2 draw from the claws of almost certain defeat. I screamed and no doubt confused my flatmates when no other than Stephen fucking Dobbie stepped up to smash* a free kick in from all of 30 yards out and, by all accounts, it was the least that the Whites deserved.


It didn't take long before the most predictable thing on the face of the Earth occurred as former Wanderer Joe Mason tapped in a rebound after all of three minutes had passed by. From that moment onwards Bolton had all of the ball but failed to anything meaningful with it at all, and when James Henry doubled the host's lead at 77 minutes, well, that looked just about it.

But just three minutes later the smallest man on the pitch, Wellington Silva, arrived at the back post to nod home across and heave the Whites back into the affair, though many still remained hopeless. The Whites carried on regardless and with 90 minutes on the clock a free kick was won, and assigned to the Scottish Messi himself, Stephen Dobbie.

He ambitiously opted to shoot from 30 yard and, just for once, luck shined in our favour. The ball took a wicked deflection which diverted it past the hapless goalkeeper and Bolton deservedly drew level, doing one over on those orange mutts yet again.

A result like this could be priceless for us, a hard fought, club galvanising late comeback really could change our fortunes around, if the players can just build on this momentum. They need to start showing the guts and gusto they displayed in the last ten minutes here throughout the rest of the season and maybe, just maybe, we can get out of this mess yet.

But, if we don't beat Rotherham United on Saturday this will all be for nought.