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New Bolton Wanderers Owner Dean Holdsworth Speaks to Lion of Vienna Suite

Listen to the 17 minute interview with the new owner of Bolton Wanderers below.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Today has been an historic day for Bolton Wanderers.

With ups, downs, laughter, anger, hope, dismay and the constant refreshing of Twitter - and that was all within an hour or so.

There are plenty of negatives to be discussed and they all will be in due course but, for now, it's time to concentrate on the positives and the future.

A deal for owner Eddie Davies to sell the club to Sports Shield has finally been agreed and, providing all goes well with the Football League, we will finally have a new owner in place and a potential end to these last few months of madness.

It's been a long time coming but now the end might actually, finally be in sight.

One man who has been at the epicentre of all this is the new owner of the club, former striker, Dean Holdsworth.

We here at Lion of Vienna Suite sat down to talk to Dean, posing some of our own but mostly yours, the fans, questions to the new owner of Bolton Wanderers football club.

That can be listened to in the media player below or found on iTunes, the same place you find the #LOVpod.

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