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Immediate Reaction: Birmingham City vs Bolton Wanderers

Liam tries to be as balanced as he can given the disappointing result at St Andrews.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Well that's it isn't it? Surely.

We are now 7 points off safety with tricky games ahead of us. lt would take some change of fortune for us to turn this around. Despite this I am not losing my mind given the fact the future of the club may well be secured for the medium to lonf term.As for the game itself, I would be lying if I didn't some foolish hope that the good news off the pitch would transpire into some positive result on to it but I think those who could look at this a little more objectively than myself would have perhaps have called this result quite easily.

Many, including myself, were concerned just how manager Neil Lennon would react given the dangerous position he now finds himself in and not making a substitution until the 84th minute will have not made him any more popular. Whatever happens in the coming weeks I feel it is important to remember that Lennon has managed Bolton in their most difficult period of recent history and my personal views of the man haven't altered in the slightest. I Love you Neil and I don't care who knows it, except my Mrs, she doesn't approve.

It isn't great is it, not winning at home all season (the only side in the Football League not to do so) and the sooner we can get some new blood into our team of cowards the better. The term 'sticking their head's in the sand' doesn't quite cut it. I'd think of some funny metaphor to compare but quite frankly I feel starved of inspiration after another night following our dour Wanderers side.No doubt the clubs Social media reports will report a 'narrow defeat' well we know better don't we.

I just want to hope again, I want to be excited about a game not apprehensive. I'm sick to my back fucking teeth of having to have some perspective when analysing my football team. I'm sick of wincing when having to tell people I'm a Bolton fan or having to read 'The Rise and Fall of Bolton Wanderers' by countless idea-less smug national newspapers.

Most of all, I'm sick of my own apathy, make me care again Dean Holdsworth  ...