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Gary Madine/Neil Lennon Bust Up - Eye Witness Report!

At it again

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Notorious Bolton Wanderers striker Gary Madine was completely cut from the squad as the Whites slumped to a hapless 1-0 defeat at Birmingham City on Tuesday night.

The reason for his exclusion from the squad has been given as "internal disciplinary" reason, with a fine to follow for the Carlisle born forward and who knows what else after that.

Lion of Vienna Suite understand that the "internal disciplinary" reason is yet another bust up with manager Neil Lennon, who's seemingly losing confidence from all of his players and not just Madine.

On Sunday night we received a message, which read the following:

Lennon is believed to have said "that fucking prick Madine has told me to fuck off again" - He then clocked my dad and uncle and went quiet.

After they were all introduced and had a drink Lennon told them that he's had proper bust ups with Madine before now, as Madine can't take constructive criticism, but he can't banish him to the bench etc... so his hands are tied."

This could be hearsay, but in light of recent developments it certainly rings true.

We discussed it on Sunday night's recording of the #LOVpod but didn't think it'd be serious enough to be worth writing about, after all, Madine has previous with calling Lennon, as we all remember him calling the manger a "prick" on live TV back in November in the game against Brentford.

But, now that Madine was dropped as a result, a justifiable decision but one that certainly left us desperately short upfront at St. Andrew's, we thought you'd like to know about some of what has gone on now.

On the incident, Neil Lennon, said:

"I won't go into details but there are some things you can't tolerate.

You have to put a marker down and that's what I've done.

It's up to Gary now; the ball is in his court.

It was a hard decision to make as we are down to the bare bones and you feel like you're cutting your nose off to spite your face.

But I won't tolerate that sort of behaviour from anyone in the dressing room and it opens up a can of worms with the other players if I do.

There has got to be a certain level of discipline."

We will follow the story and provide updates as and when we have them.