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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Burnley

Wanderers lost again - but why?

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers fought gamely, but ultimately caused their own problems against Burnley:

1) Neil Lennon's Bizarre Selection

He started Emile Heskey again. In 2016.

We have hoverboards. We have self-tying shoes. We are still starting Emile Heskey in 2016.

What is this planet?

When Bolton took the lead, and with the prospect of Burnley throwing everything at Bolton - did Neil Lennon react? Nope. He waited until they drew level before taking off Zach Clough. Before bringing on Stephen Dobbie. Before not bringing on Wellington Silva.


The right call to make would have to bring on Wellington as soon as we scored. Stretch the play, widen the pitch and give us two outlets against their very poor fullbacks - but no, we instead invited Burnley on to us and paid the price.

Another boob from Lennon. A right tit.

2) Gary Madine's Strange Approach

It has been a hard week for the ex-Blackpool man, what with him being dropped for dropping F-bombs all over Neil Lennon's neck and chest.

For what it's worth I think Lenny was right to drop Madine. Mainly because Madine is shit.

When the striker came on yesterday I thought "right, he's going to knuckle down and prove Lennon wrong" - but no. Other than a scuffed shot that ended up being tapped in by Feeney, Madine was back to his usual shit self.

He's not fit for this level, and he's an embarrassment to the club and his profession with his total lack of application and interest. You would have thought that he would embrace the chance to play at Bolton, a relatively big club compared to his previous sides, but no, it appears that Gary Madine is the sort of player who thinks himself a 'baller' and probably refers to his boots as 'wheels'


Fuck you Gary. You are the epitome of someone who is stealing a living.

I don't rate Liam Feeney, but I respect him a thousand times more than I respect you. At least he tries. You just try my patience.

I can't wait for the summer when you are long gone.

3) Liam Feeney on the Left

Well well well.

Could we have found Feeney's best position?

He was superb against Burnley. Incisive running and tricks that actually was like watching someone else.

Seemingly gone was the inconsistent clown who cost us points with his dishonest running, instead was a tricky winger who had the beating of both fullbacks.

His final ball sometimes let him down, but that could well be the fault of the strikers (Emile Heskey and Gary Madine) who are next-to-useless.

More of the same please Liam.

4) Joey Barton is a Dick

I've wanted us to sign him for ages.

He's a proper throwback old-school dickhead.

A proper twat.

I still want us to sign him.

He ran that midfield with crisp passing and absolutely shithousery at a level that makes Karl Henry's efforts last week look like a primary school project.

Some might say that he was lucky not to be carded at some point - me included, but it would take truly myopic Wanderers fan who wouldn't look wistfully at Barton, compare him with, say Darren Pratley or Mark Davies, and think "ooh I'd like to kiss her".

5) A New Defensive Partnership to Crow About?


Derik Osede and Rob Holding looked really assured against Burnley.

Andre Gray should be a Premier League player come August, given the likelihood of Burnley's promotion, but he was kept largely at bay by Wanderers' defensive partnership.

This might sound odd given that he scored twice, but it's true that the Spaniard and the academy graduate performed with great spirit and no little class against the £9m striker.

It was nice to see Wanderers line up without Dorian Dervite - and I know there is a large proportion of the fanbase who have a man-crush on David Wheater (for some reason), but I think that given how well the two performed against Birmingham City in midweek and Burnley yesterday we can look to future with some positivity.

That may well be in League One, but at least we may...MAY have a decent defensive partnership to watch.

So long as it's not Dorian. Mainly because he's shit.