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Bolton Wanderers Supporters' Trust's Bank Account Is Now Open

You can now turn your pledge into an annual membership for just £10

The Supporters Trust needs your help and donations to function properly
The Supporters Trust needs your help and donations to function properly
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This morning it was announced that, after a couple of difficult months, the BWFCST now have an open bank account and are ready to begin turning almost 6,000 pledges of support into actual paid memberships.

In a statement, the Trust's Steering Group said:

We are pleased to announce that our bank account is now open and that we are now inviting you to turn your membership pledge to join the BWFCST into a full membership. We really do understand the frustration that has been evident in getting to this point and thank all of you who have registered your membership pledges for your patience. Thank you all!

Please click on the ‘Join The Trust‘ section to access the full membership sign up instructions and details of available payment methods.

In addition to taking out your membership subscription, we are also offering the facility to make donations and voluntary contributions to assist in the establishment of YOUR Supporters’ Trust.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and now we invite you to help us to progress to the next stage of BWFCST development and move towards our elections as quickly as possible. We need as many members as possible to ensure that the election process is truly representative of the BWFC fan base and allow your Trust to effectively present your views to the club management.

We will email all BWFCST members with more details regarding progress with the elections as soon as further details become available.

It really is essential that everyone who signed up to the Trust and pledged their £10 stays true to their word and stumps up the cash. Without fan-generated funds, the Trust will struggle to make any real impact on the club.

I urge all Wanderers fans to sign up as soon as possible. Together, we can make a difference.

To pay your £10 membership fee and sign up to the Trust for a year, click here.