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Stuart Holden Announces Retirement from Football

The talismanic American finally calls it a day

We all knew this day would come eventually but that doesn't make it any less sad, everyone, Stuart Holden has officially retired from football.

The dynamic, talismanic midfielder only managed to play on 30 occasions for Bolton Wanderers, but for the majority of those games he was an absolute whirlwind in midfield. Equally talented in the rough and tumble of defending and delicate intricacies of attacking. A perfect footballer who sadly got his career cut desperately short by a series of injuries.

But here is not the time or place to dwell on that, now is the time to appreciate Stu for the wonderful player he was and wish him all the best of luck in his future endeavours - as if he'd need it.

Stu scored my favourite ever goal with the late derby winner against Blackburn Rovers and was probably one of the best players I saw play in White.

No doubt LoVS, and the entirety of Bolton social media, will be flowing with tributes for Stu in the coming days and every single on of them are deserved.

Thank you, Stu x