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Man of the Match: Wolves 2-2 Bolton Wanderers

Having not been to the match this is something of a guessing game but lets give man of the match a go!

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Ok so I wasn't at the match so whoever I pick as man of the match may have had a terrible game but here goes nothing.

In an attempt to work out who it should go to without having watched the match lets begin with the scoreline. Conceding two goals indicates that the defence didn't cover itself with glory, yet another goal conceded after the first shot being saved was as depressing as it was predictable. Not as depressing and predictable as Joe Mason scoring with his first touch for Wolves but still... So for that reason I will not give the award to Ben Amos, Rob Holding, Josh Vela, Dean Moxey or Dorian Dervite. Well lets face it there was never a risk of Dervite winning it anyway.

So then lets look at how the strike force fared on paper. With 15 shots and only 5 of those on target I don't feel like any of them deserve the award. Wellington Silva of course gets a special mention for scoring a headed goal of all things but as part of the attack I will rule him out along with Kaiyne Woolery (though it was nice to see him get his full debut), Liam Feeney, Emile Heskey and Stephen Dobbie. Although rather like with Dervite Dobbie was never going to win and I'm not even going to give him an honourable mention for scoring, I still don't like him and that is that.

So that leaves us with the midfield. A whopping 61% of possession away from home indicates that they must have been doing something right. I know every player on the pitch plays a part in such stats but for simplicity lets just complement the midfield for this. I know such stats are meaningless, after-all Celtic only had 11% possession in that match they apparently did well in against Barcelona when some ginger bloke was managing them. But it is always nice to see for whatever reason.

So that means our candidates are Mark Davies, Jay Spearing and Liam Trotter. Davies has been far too frustrating recently to give him any kind of praise so I won't give it to him. Trotter has impressed with his professionalism having returned from Nottingham Forest and the exile from the first team which came before that. Spearing has also been a man frustrated on the sidelines for so long so it is to his credit coming in and having a good game against the other Wanderers.

Right if anyone has got this far still wondering who I will make man of the match then here we go. Spearing can be my man of the match. Reports I have read indicate he had a good game and being brought into the team seemingly only due to others being injured must be tough so its great credit to Spearing coming in and seizing his chance.

If you disagree with that I don't really care, but anyone who went to the match feel free to comment who you think really should have been man of the match!