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Football League Oversight Can Only Be a Good Thing

Reports are that Sports Shield will be subject to Football League oversight post takeover which to me seems like a good thing.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

So Sports Shield BWFC is a go! Finally we might be able to just talk about football and ignore all things off the pitch. But just before that happens let’s take a little look at what the Football League will be doing post takeover.

The Football League are saying that they will continue to take an interest in Bolton Wanderers post takeover. Specifically they will be keeping an eye on Bolton’s financial situation. The Football League is well aware of the concern surrounding whether Sports Shield actually have the money to take Bolton forward, in no small part thanks to the Supporters Trust. This is why they will be continuing to monitor the situation.

The Football League will insist that Bolton continue to report to them on a monthly basis with financial information and will leave the club under complete transfer embargo on player transfers. This is despite our new glorious leader Dean Holdsworth being keen to get the embargo lifted quickly to bring in new players.

As nice as that would be Bolton are almost certainly relegated so I don’t see the point wasting money bring in new players this season. It makes far more sense to save any money for next season when we can look to build a squad capable of getting out of League One. There are many good blueprints to follow from this perspective with many teams bouncing back from League One far stronger than they were when they went down. Most recent to show a stellar transfer policy in the third tier was Bristol City who built a squad far superior to anything else in that league recruiting mainly from fellow League One teams.

Any money available for players would, in my view, be far better spent next season as Bolton look to return to the Championship at the first time of asking. So it does not matter in my view that Bolton may not be able to sign anymore players this season.

As for the financial oversight many, including myself, are worried that Sports Shield don’t enough money to fund Bolton for very long. I hope that I am wrong in being worried about this but we all know just how much it costs to run Bolton in the Championship let-a-lone in League One when our revenues are £5 million lighter.

This means in my view its great the Football League will keep an eye on things as it will help ensure Bolton are not put in a financially vulnerable position again and that lessons are learnt. At the very least it offers a safety net while Deano and Co learn the ropes at the Macron.

For more on all of this see this Bolton News article.