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Preview: Bolton Wanderers v Preston North End

It's a new day, yes it is!

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's here. The new day. Oh and this isn't a proper preview.

The day we've been waiting for.

Out of the doldrums and facing a brave new era. This is Bolton Wanderers 2.0.

Post Sports Shield-led takeover, our beloved club is facing a brighter future. We know that this future may involve relegation, but that's for another day.

Tomorrow we face Preston North End at the Reebok with a new face at the helm. Ken Anderson (not that one) is the new chairman, and our ex striker Dean Holdsworth is our new Chief Executive.

The Eddie Davies era is over. The Phil Gartside era, as we know, is over.

This is a new day.

So we head into a tough game against a good side knowing that we are facing a battle to survive.

Off the field, we've been a mess. On the field, we've not been much better - but we had the excuse of the off-field battles hampering us where it matters - across the white line.

But no longer do we have that to fall back on.

We have a future.

We have a cause.

We have a chance.

This is our club. We'll never die. We may dip into League One. But we'll return one day.

This is Bolton Wanderers. We are Bolton Wanderers.

Once in, never out.