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Bolton Wanderers 1-2 Preston North End: Immediate Reaction

We blew it. We just bloody blew it.

Daniel Smith/Getty Images

It’s been said, once, it’s been said a thousand times. It’s the hope that kills you.

Wanderers started the day full of optimism: New owners, the threat of inexistence gone and a bumper crowd expected for this, an oh so important of day. A win could start a fightback to end all fightbacks, a loss would end our Championship adventure.

The day started with promise, we went 1-0 up courtesy of a Liam Trotter goal. We all knew we’d need the second (no clean sheets in 12 ((now 13))) but it was a good first half. There were a couple of shouts for penalties and I desperately want to be angry that they weren’t given. The thing is we were relegated by our performances all over this season, not just by this ref and his shit calls.

In any case we reverted to type and conceded two goals in the second half to see the gap to safety increase to 11 points.

So the reaction? We’re down. The team cannae hold its head high. We’ve played alright these past weeks but it takes more than to be ‘alright’ to win. It takes more than ‘alright’ to earn that White shirt that so many reading this would give the left nut to play in.

Clough is being played out of position and was rendered ineffective. Silva and Woolery remained on the bench and Pratley had another so-so performance. I can’t help but think getting a decent sub keeper, like say Jussi who was open to returning would have been a real help today. Bizarrely we went for Rachupka and he looked less than convincing.

We need to fire this ginger git now and replace him with someone who can continue his good work with the youth without being so tactically inept. My vote goes to the under 18’s boss, David Lee. This topic of debate could be a story in itself mind so I’ll leave it.

There is to be no fairy tale ending here. We have to start preparation for next season now. This really was the last chance saloon, in true Bolton style we blew it.