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Five Things: Collection of Tits 1-2 Preston North End

We lost again. It was ever thus

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers lost again.

Preston North End left the Reebok with the three points on Saturday, and didn't have to work too hard to do so.

So, with that in mind, let's go through my five talking points:

1) Why Not Go Balls to the Wall, Neil?

We're in deep doo-doo.

We need wins.

So, with that in mind, why did Neil Lennon set up negatively?

I get that there is a balance between going all out, and being solid.

However, the likes of Wellington Silva and Kaiyne Woolery are key to our attacking momentum.

Having Gary Madine and Zach Clough on the field is all well and good, but without supply they are useless.

So why did we set up as we did? Surely by now we know that we need three points on a regular basis.

I implore you, Mr Lennon, to go on the front foot and attack the opposition. You don't win friends with salad.

2) The Jay Spearing Debacle

It was rumoured before the game that ex-Liverpool shitgibbon Jay Spearing was dropped because his involvement would mean a payment being made to his former club.

It happened that this was the case.

So we were robbed of a decent player, who had been playing well.

Thanks, whoever signed him. For agreeing to a clause that has come back and bitten us in the backside.

Instead we were stuck with Liam Trotter and Darren Pratley. Immobile, weak and devoid of ideas. Cost us big time.

The sort of midfield line-up that makes sensible people want to vomit.

I wanted to vomit.

3) What is Up With Zach Clough?

Good question.


After bursting on the scene last season, our Zach has struggled to replicate that form every since.

With injury causing his growth to be on the stop-start scale, and hampered by having to play with utter fucking dickheads like Gary Madine, and being managed by Neil Lennon, it is perhaps no surprise that the Denton-born forward has yet to scale the same heights again.


You can't keep class down.

The goal against QPR is indicative of what he can do.

He will do it again.

He's one of our own, and we don't give up on our own.

4) Effort isn't the Problem - Quality is

This has been the trouble with this Bolton squad since day one.

We've got half decent triers in the team, such as Liam Feeney and Dean Moxey.

Then you've got the shithouse wankers, like Gary Madine, who are robbing a living and who, I hope, have a really shit weekend as a result.

We need to equalise the issue, and make sure that the gap between quality and effort is lessened.

That means that I give Feeney a pass for next season, but I hope that someone like Pratley is given short shrift and is fucked off into footballing oblivion forevermore.

5) What Happened to the Good Feeling?

Just when Dean Holdsworth and Bolton Wanderers needed a positive outcome to their first matchday in charge, the team conspired to leave them up shit creek.

That said, they can't be too responsible for the on-field performance.

I was, however, disappointed with the response from the supporters.

Over 18,000 turned up against PNE, which included 4,500 away supporters. This means an increase of only 1,242 from Tuesday's home draw against Ipswich Town.

Not good.

The team might not be very good, but the fans need to start doing their bit and getting behind the team.

God knows what sort of crowds we'll get next season, but the fans have deserted the team, and it's incumbent on us all to address this and give them our support.