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First 100 Days of Sports Shield BWFC: What Needs to Happen

So Sports Shield finally completed their takeover, with company takeovers people look to achieve certain progress within 100 days and here is what I think needs to happen at Bolton in that time.

Phil Cole/Getty Images

It got a bit boring didn’t? All this its nearly happened then they are going to walk away and so on. Finally we are over the line with new ownership and Bolton Wanderers can finally look to the future and begin to focus on activities on the pitch once again!

But there are still a raft of issues off the field which need to be sorted, and I think it’s fair to say Dean Holdsworth will be a busy man for the foreseeable future! So here is what I think needs to happen, beyond the obvious dealing with paying HMRC and avoiding liquidation that is.

Sort Out Contracts

A large number of first team players are out of contract in the summer. Some, like Liam Feeney, don’t really bother me but others do. Chief amongst those is Rob Holding who attracted interest during January. It would be a tragedy to lose a player with his potential for free. A new contract for him and other promising young players whose deals expire in the summer is a must.

Look to Cut Costs as Much as Possible

Many may feel that new ownership means that Bolton no longer need to cut costs but I could not disagree more. Bolton are living beyond their means and it so nearly caught up with the club in recent months. Lessons have to be learnt and the club have to be put in a position where it’s very existence won’t be put in jeopardy by the owners withdrawing financial support.

Some of this will no doubt be done in the summer with the likes of David Wheater, whose contract is up, being allowed to leave. But savings should be found wherever possible to safeguard the clubs future, whatever tough decisions that means making.

Sack the Manager

When I first drafted this a while ago this came with a question mark. But the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that there is no longer one. Yes Neil Lennon got sold a dud and yes countless number of factors have gone against him. But now is the time to make a change and take advantage of the lift which the takeover will naturally bring.

The gloom around the place needs lifting at all levels of the club and I think this is necessary to achieve this. It has been rumoured, on this very site amongst other places, that Sports Shield would look to move Lennon on. It seems more a case of when than if.

What do you think Sports Shield need to do? Leave your thoughts below!