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Immediate Reaction: Bristol City 6 - 0 FC Megashambles

Shit sandwich

Harry Trump/Getty Images

You know, I'm not a member of the Reebok Roar.

However, I was sent a screenshot of a post on there last week and it basically asserted that this very website was too negative towards Bolton Wanderers. I think it was in response to a headline I used where I called the team 'Shitbags' or something equally clever.

I felt a bit miffed at the time, as I don't think our responses are too out of sync wit h the general fanbase.

So, to that person (some weirdo called Gavin Clements), I give a massive, massive fuck you and direct you to this post which sums up our feelings towards Bolton Wanderers:

This is why I get angry.

This is why I get upset.

I love this club, and we've been run into the ground.

We're a shambles. We're a disgrace.

I don't blame Jimmy Phillips. I don't blame Dean Holdsworth. I don't even blame Neil Lennon.

I blame the players. I can accept that you're not very good at football, but the lack of effort shown is criminal. It's a massive two fingers up to the whole fanbase.

I expect an apology. I expect I won't get one.

So yeah, we didn't just lose today, we capitulated. We gave up.....and it's another weekend lost to FC Megashambles.

I hate you.