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Five Things: Bristol City 6-0 Sack of Useless Bastards

Daniel is here to drop the major line on the latest horseshit of a performance

Harry Trump/Getty Images

1) Why Does Gary Madine Still Start for Bolton Wanderers?

We all know he's a talentless fella and yet he keeps starting.

He's only scored 6 in 26 appearances and he's been getting chances left right and centre.

He can't even win balls that are hoofed up to him all game... Every game.

He occasionally does something but 99.999999% of the time he gets the ball he just gives it straight back to the other team.

Against Bristol City he was arguably the worst player to start, and that's saying something.

2) The Stephen Dobbie Effect

Stephen Dobbie is quite possibly the most pointless football player on the planet.

He usually comes on when we are in need of a goal, but when he comes on we practically go a man down, he's completely anonymous. His set pieces are occasionally average, but usually shite.

This game he did nothing, barely touched the ball and when he did he just passed it back to the player that gave it to him. I didn't see him have a shot, that is how you get goals isn't it?

I might not be the biggest fan of him but I think that I'm not the only one.

When he comes on I hear a lot of moans around where I sit, me being the alpha male that I am make the loudest, and I probably dislike him most.

3) Youth is the key!

Our best player today was Kaiyne Woolery (in my opinion) he was always running, chasing down loose balls, putting pressure on the keeper, making promising runs and having decent efforts on goal.

Why he hasn't started before is beyond me.

His blistering pace just causes problems for the defence and he has proved he is able to score a goal, just one so far, but he's not been given a chance.

The only defender that made a tackle all game was Rob Holding, I know one tackle all game for a defender is still abysmal but it's better than the rest of the defence that didn't make a SINGLE tackle between them.

I think Josh Vela is less affective in midfield however still better than that prick Darren Pratley, he's much better at right back. He is a solid player wherever he plays making a fair few tackles, well four anyway.

4) The Players Just Don't Care

The players just didn't give a toss, only Wellington Silva and Woolery did enough to claim to deserve to wear the shirt.

I have only seen one apology from a player and that was from Wellington.

The fans that traveled down there deserve a refund and that day of their life back. That was woeful.

Dare I say, the worst Bolton game I've been to (and I was at that semi final).

The players couldn't even look the fans in the eyes, they were ashamed, and they should be. That was embarrassing. It's like they've given up hope themselves, I gave up hope a long time ago, but players shouldn't give up until it's over.

5) New Manager Syndrome is a Myth

Do I really need to say much for this one?

I've got a feeling JP is going to be worse than Owen Coyle, at least he had a decent start.

I know it's nice to have an ex player back at the club but how often does it work? We've had Owen Coyle was shit, Sammy lee was average, the point that I'm making is that we've had a fair few and the only decent one we have had is Big Sam.

It pains me to say this but is Gary Megson available to manage us?

At least he got us publicity for good reasons, and we did well in Europe under his reign.