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Bristol City 6-0 Spineless Shitehawks - MOTM Gary Madine

Yeah serious

Harry Trump/Getty Images

Not really, LOL.

Another piece of shit performance from a piece of shit forward who offers absolutely nothing.

Nothing that is, except for ammunition for the likes of me who thinks that Gary Madine is the worst thing to happen to Bolton Wanderers in a long long time.

I doubt he'll ever win one of these awards, and that's mainly because I think he'll leave the club in the summer.

I know he's had a decent stab at League One in the past, but I would force him to leave this great club out of spite because I think he epitomises the acceptance of mediocrity that we've come to realise is part of our DNA.

He's rubbish. We all know he's rubbish. Neil Lennon must have known he was rubbish (Madine too LOLZ) but still he's here.



It's baffling.

In fact, tell you what, let's give MOTM to the travelling fans. You stupid, stupid idiots.