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Five Bolton Wanderers Players Who Might Benefit from a New Manager

With Neil Lennon's time consigned to history, who might benefit from a change in manager?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We've seen Neil Lennon off and his time has gone.

His reign will be remembered fondly by some (Liam O'Meara), and less so by others (everyone else) - but his departure has got me thinking - will it give fresh impetus to certain players in the squad? Disclaimer - I don't mean Filip Twardzik.

Here we go:

1) Wellington Silva

The little Brazilian has been shafted by Neil Lennon. Read into that what you will.

The pacy on-loan Arsenal man lit up the Reebok with some admittedly inconsistent but, at times, wildly exciting performances. These have been shunted in recent weeks by Lennon's desire for a more pragmatic and workmanlike approach.

It is not known whether Jimmy Phillips is a fan of Welly, but he must surely be a fan of what the lad can do and will therefore hopefully give him more than the standard 3 minutes per week as provided by Lennon.

2) Josh Vela

There has been significant debate online lately as to whether Josh Vela has it in him to be a regular pick in the centre of the Bolton Wanderers midfield.

One man who knows all about the Salford-born converted right-back is Jimmy Phillips who will be best placed to decide whether he has it in him or not. I guess we'll see in the coming weeks just how much faith the backroom staff have in Vela.

3) Tom Walker

The flightly winger/midfielder was given his chance by Neil Lennon and showed enough to give fans encouragement as to his future at the club - he was then summarily ostracised and has barely been seen at all this season.

Should have a fan in Jimmy Phillips, who will know all about his ability. I would expect Walker to come in sooner rather than later, especially with the departure of Liam Feeney to Ipswich Town.

4) Kaiyne Woolery

The young lad has barely made an impact in the first team despite being given the odd opportunity by Neil Lennon. Popular rumour has it that he deemed Woolery as 'too raw'.

Well, if you pluck a kid from non-league and throw him into the Second Division then what a surprise!

I would think that Woolery might also benefit from Feeney's departure - well that and with Gary Madine being absolutely piss poor. A man for many positions - I hope he's given time to show what he can do.

5) Zach Clough

Our best player, in my view. Burst onto the scene last year under Lennon's guidance, and has lost his way in the months since the start of the 2015/16 season.

It is his motivation? His tactics? How he is utilised?

Zach must be hoping that a new broom - especially one who knows him inside and out - will give him a fresh boost and see him return to the confident young star that we know he can be.