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Bolton Fans Lambast Darren Pratley's Apology

We round-up the wave of abuse aimed at the Bolton captain this morning

"Alright Lee, I'll give you the ball and you can go and score again, sound good?"
"Alright Lee, I'll give you the ball and you can go and score again, sound good?"
Harry Trump/Getty Images

Twitter has been awash with Bolton Wanderers supporters throwing Darren Pratley's apology for the 6-0 defeat at Bristol City back in his face today.

Below we've summarised some of the best and funniest responses from an angry mob of football fans that are fed up with their pathetic excuse of a captain.

For what it's worth, I think the lack of effort at Bristol was indefensible and the most pathetic performance I've ever known any side to put in on a football pitch. But it's nice that the captain has apologised to the hard-paying fans, a full two days after the events.

Here goes, and apologies in advance for any strong wording... Pratley being called a "clumsy, stumbling giraffe" is a personal favourite...

Some fans are somewhat doubting Pratley's honesty and sincerity:

And others think it's a case of too little, too late:

Some are calling for the mad fans that made the trip to get their money back:

While others are just absolutely fuming:

And others just want Pratley to no longer be our captain and be gone from the club, which I can sympathise with:

But the large majority just don't care or are fed up with Pratley generally - which I can also concur with:

However, one particularly mad fan is fairly happy with the apology:

Less of that, let's finish on a really depressing note...