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Where Next for Neil Lennon?

Our former manager's career has taken an unexpected detour, but where will he go next?

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

When Neil Lennon was confirmed as Bolton Wanderers manager I was watching London Wasps vs Bath at Adam's Park, little did I know the men getting repetitively shoved to the floor would become an appropriate metaphor for his tenure at the Whites.

I had previously said that I thought Neil Lennon would be unemployable after our relegation, because of the way he entered English football. A popular debate that occurs when, since Rangers went into administration, Celtic win something is that Scotland is a one team league.

Managing Celtic is 'the easiest job in football'. These comments became less common after the famous Barcelona game; however the feelings still exist.

Lennon, during his last season at Celtic, was always a candidate for managerial jobs, according to the bookies. He was rarely the favourite, however, It was assumed that he'd get a middle or low-level Premier League job, which made it all the more surprising when he came to Bolton, then bottom of the league.

He said he was going to take Bolton back to the Premier League, which would have proved his managerial talent stretches beyond a one team league.

The way things have imploded off the pitch can't be blamed on Lennon, it was no secret that the club was in financial trouble, but could he have done a better job? He had said in a recent interview with The Guardian that he wouldn't have come to Bolton if he had known more about the club's troubles, but is that an excuse?


So, there is an element of truth in the claim that he is unemployable. Every away game we went without a win, every week we were rooted to the foot of the table and every time Emile Heskey started, memories of Barca went further and further away.

The fact that Lennon was the face of our media coverage means that people would remember that he took us, in the end, from 24th to 23rd over a very long season-and-a-half. His transfer policy was hit and miss, *Francesco Pisano exit stage left*, too.

This is in some ways unfair because he did develop the talents of Josh Vela, Zach Clough and Rob Holding (despite trying his best to stop Tom Walker). He was certainly passionate, or maybe just angry all the time.

So maybe his 'celebrity' will tide him over to another chance, but developments north of Hadrian's Wall suggests that he may be returning to Celtic. Ronny Delia's future is in question and Lennon is still beloved at the club.

Who knows where his future lies, however, it certainly isn't here.

Where do you think he'll go next? Leave your thoughts below.