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The Conspiracy that Will Shake Bolton Wanderers to its Very Core

Sources close to LOVS have given us information about a conspiracy which goes to the very top of the Eddie Davies regime.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

The other day we were alerted to a potential conspiracy in the comments section on this very site. So we went away and talked to our sources to see what they had to say on the matter, and does not make good reading. A source close to LOVS, who would rather remain nameless, has given us some information that will change everything. Batten down the hatches people this is going to blow you away.

We are hearing that the powers that be at Bolton Wanderers conspired to keep the club in the Championship ever since their relegation four years ago. There are also indications that this conspiracy goes further with those involved having conspired to get the club relegated from the Premier League in the first place.

A well placed source tells us that the club deliberately drew to Blackpool on the last day of the season in order to miss out on the play-off places during our first season back in the second tier. Our source claims that former Trotters boss Dougie Freedman was in on this along with young West Ham United loanee Rob Hall.

Our source claims that it was this goal which led to the club not extending the loan deal for Craig Dawson from West Bromwich Albion. The motives behind bringing him in on loan in the first place remain unclear, but we can assume they were equally sinister.

As for the plan to get Bolton relegated in this first place Owen Coyle was brought in as Eddie Davies’ lieutenant to do just this. This goal is what led to the club signing players such as David N’Gog and Marvin Sordell for big fees. There can be no dispute that this makes sense, why else would you pay £4 million for N’Gog? It is also indicated that Gary Megson’s sacking was due to his refusal to go along with the plan, hence his hatred for Bolton since.

The source further claims that Coyle’s sacking was all part of the cover up. Sacking Coyle was supposed to indicate that those high up in the club had their sights firmly set on a return to the top flight when this was in actual fact not their goal at all. The decision was aided by the fact that figures high up in the Eddie Davies regime had identified Freedman as a man far better placed to bring about mediocrity than Coyle.

At this point the motives behind this conspiracy are unknown. Another source, clearly fearful for his life, told us that Eddie Davies is the Devil himself in human form and that Freedman is one of his Demon spawn. We are unable to verify this claim.

This also explains the timing of Eddie Davies selling up as his dream of a Championship Bolton Wanderers is coming to an end. This though is mere speculation which has not been substantiated.

We here at LOVS will bring you more information on what people are calling Championship-gate as and when we get it.