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Cider and Suicide Trump Watching Leeds v Bolton

Your suggestions for better ways of spending £42 than paying to get into Elland Road on Saturday

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

In the wake of Leeds United revealing pay on the door prices of £42 for the right to watch 23rd placed Bolton Wanderers take on 18th placed Leeds tomorrow, we asked you how you would rather spend that cold hard cash.

So, in chronological order, here are a few ideas from Bolton fans on things they would rather do with £42 than watch Leeds take on Bolton.

Rather topically, we begin with Joe Norris, who certainly won't be the only Leeds or Bolton fan that's forced to turn to alcohol to ease the pain caused his side's form.

While Tom Lord would rather throw money away than spend it at Elland Road, which seems fair.

Fellow fan Tom Linn has a slightly more entertaining take on the usage of his £42.

Our own Dan Murphy had a rather more morbid take on the issue.

While Ollie Morton's suggestion is probably one shared by most Bolton fans, and he might come out of the weekend feeling flush.

I'm not sure too many fans would share Ginny Hadfield's idea of a good Saturday afternoon...

But Jamie Moss' plan sounds much more appealing.

And while Ian Firth's suggestion is not particularly family friendly, I'm sure Leeds and Bolton fans alike can share the sentiment.

And I'll round things off with my own thoughts on the matter, which may have been meant as a joke - for all the sudden Liam Feeney lovers out there.

What do you make of the ticket prices being charged by Leeds? Let us know your thoughts and your suggestions for more enjoyable uses of your well-earned £42 in the comments section below.