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Question Time: Leeds United with @ThruItAllLUFC

Questions for Leeds United fans

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers will face off against Leeds United in literally an hours time and, as we forgot to put these up earlier, here is the belated question time with our SB Nation brethren, Through It All Together.

1 ) Steve Evans. What is he?

Evans is a hot mess, but he's our hot mess. There've been plenty of Leeds fans asking for his head after the awful run we've had in the last two months, but I think he's more a symptom than the disease itself (Cellino), as our Matt Robinson argued after the Brighton loss. He's loud, fat, and always "right," but I like the guy for all his ridiculous bluster. He's a personality, and that means something in modern football, for what that's worth. I just hope he isn't sacked next week/gets some talent to work with over the summer.

2) We've had our own problems with an owner trying to make us a laughing stock - how are you coping with mad Massimo?

We want him gone. There's a large (or at least very vocal) contingent of fans that've started a #TimeToGoMassimo movement, and personally, I agree with them. He might've done well making the team financially solvent, but the team has gotten progressively worse under his control, and players like Sam Byram have been ushered out the door. He's also an ass, purposely trying to provoke supporters with things like the pie tax and categorizing the game this weekend as Category A, which means ridiculously high prices. He needs to go.

3) When we met at the Reebok I was impressed with Cooper at the back - what can you tell us about him?

Cooper had an awful game against Brighton, but he has decent stretches for sure. In fact, our entire back line is a mess, but Charlie Taylor and Lewie Coyle are the bright spots for the future back there, if Cellino can get them to sign. We'll have Bellusci back to pair with Cooper on Saturday, maybe that'll return Cooper to form. The Bamba-Cooper duo is an absolute train wreck, so it's hard to see past that.

4) On the topic of promising youngsters, how have Mowatt and Cook developed? Wasn't blown away by either earlier in the season

Mowatt and Cook are the attacking bright spots for the future, and Cook had a wonder goal last week to solidify his spot as our next big hope. They're developing, slowly, and neither are scoring or controlling the game as much as we'd like, but they're young. Not sure Evans is the one to develop them, but he's giving them playing time, so that's something.

5) How do you feel about Leeds' decision to charge the earth to visiting fans?

Leeds might be charging visiting fans a ton, but we deal with it every week, so you'll get no mercy from us. This is Leeds under Cellino: £40 tickets and declining talent. There's a reason Elland Road looks mostly empty every game, and it's not the passion of the fanbase.

6) Are you looking forward to seeing any particular Bolton player in action?

It sounds like Rob Holding is emerging as a solid option for you out of the back; should you drop into League One, it'd be nice to take him off your hands. Ha. I'm also an international fan, so I hope to see Heskey play Saturday. He skipped out on the FA Cup, would be nice to see him not score against us this week.

7) How do you think the game will go and can we have a score prediction.

I think Leeds is a mess. It's convenient that Bolton is a mess as well, as we need a game to restore some hope after getting annihilated and embarrassed on Monday at Brighton, but I'm not hopeful. Our backline will give up at least 1, especially if Wootton makes the squad, and I'd hope we could put one in the net against you. 1-1 is my sad-sack prediction, but I wouldn't be surprised with 3-0 Leeds or 3-0 Bolton to be honest.

8) Finally.....any tips on how to enjoy being in League One?

You can't enjoy it. You have to just suck it up, remember the good old days, and pray for the future. I hear Shrewsbury's nice?