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Bolton Wanderers' D-Day in Court: LIVE

Live updates as Bolton find themselves at the mercy of the legal system for a third time...

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

A beautiful sunny Monday morning down in London could easily become a dark day in the history of Bolton Wanderers if a certain judge is in a sour mood today.

Bolton once again find themselves at peril of administration or even liquidation as they prepare to face the powers that be in the High Court.

Wanderers are in court over unpaid taxes to HMRC but, like our last appearance, this could also be an opportunity for us to find out what exactly is going on at the club. Namely, just how big is our debt? What is Eddie Davies up to? And what's going on with all this takeover malarkey?

We'll bring you updates from the High Court below, and you can also follow all the 'action' from court on our Twitter page, brought to you by our own @SuperWhiteSmurf.

We're expecting proceedings in the court to begin around 10.30am, with Bolton

Fingers crossed...


A bit more insight into the dire situation Bolton now find themselves in, from one of our guys in court this afternoon


And we now have a club statement on the issue, here, which isn't worth the 'paper' it's written on.


And in case you're still in any doubt about what's happened or what the implications are / will be:


Blackburn fans aren't very happy with us either


Our man Dan Murphy has a new love in his life. As should all Bolton fans.


And this summarises what a lot of people are saying on Twitter:


Make no mistake, there's only one person we have to thank for today


This from a Huddersfield fan probably sums up how most other clubs feel about Bolton right now. And you can't blame them.


So to summarise, we came very very very close to being liquidated today. And we now have two more weeks to pay the outstanding tax bill, or else we absolutely will be.

It's now time for Eddie Davies, Sports Shield, Trevor Birch and anyone associated with the takeover process to put their own personal pride to one side and make sure we still have a football club on March 21st.


HMRC will not be happy, they really really wanted to liquidate us


And this...


And finally a decision


Ohhhkay then


Oh boy... Really not sounding good now


And there's more. HMRC is well and truly going for the jugular


Those of a nervous disposition, look away now..



What a shambles this is becoming


Sounds like its getting a bit difficult in court


They do say no news, is good news...


Legal proceedings as nervy as watching Bolton 'defend'


Couldn't agree more..


Ten minutes to go... Should be back in court around 2pm, and we should still have a source in the courtroom..


And a bit more of an update


Put those champagne bottles back on ice, we may not be out of the woods just yet..


She's not wrong...


And a bit more on that stay of execution. Fingers crossed and breath held until 2pm.


Good news travels fast...


The case has been adjourned until 2pm, presumably so that the deal can be done with Sports Shield, you'd assume..


The 'dream team' is in place


Legal proceedings are under way, still 15 or so more until Wanderers are up...


Not a rumour as such.. but topical all the same. Deano is nearing officially becoming Bolton Wanderers chairman


A rumour direct from the court now, that Trevor Birch has apparently told a member of the Supporters' Trust Steering Group he has confirmed the Football League's approval of the Sports Shield bid. Now it's just down to the court confirming the extension so funds can be transferred.

Let's just hope the judge is in a good mood..


And a bit more good news, possibly. Seems as though the Football League has approved the Sports Shield takeover bid.


First rumour of the morning is in...