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Five Things: Leeds United 2-1 Bolton Wanderers

Another day, another away defeat.

The 2-1 defeat to Leeds saw Liam Trotter return to action.
The 2-1 defeat to Leeds saw Liam Trotter return to action.
Daniel Smith/Getty Images

It's been a very long time since we won away from home, so long in fact I actually can't remember the last team we beat outside Bolton. Here are five key points from (what feels like) our 965,256th loss of the season.

1) Piss Poor Goals

Yet again we've conceded two absolutely abysmal goals. The first should've been won by a Wanderers player from the initial corner and the resulting second ball could've been cleared easily. Very scrappy. Granted, the second was a quality finish by a very good Championship centre forward (which has been the difference on more than one occasion this season) but the defending in the run up to that goal was utterly pathetic. Neil Lennon's said it and now I'm going to say it for at least the 15th time since August: we have to be stronger at the back.

2) Ticket Prices

Fair play to every single person in the away end on Saturday afternoon. £42 for then-18th vs 23rd is absolutely shocking and I seriously commend you all for making the journey to see what was inevitably going to be another away loss for us. Without fans football is nothing, so fuck you and your melting face, Massimo Cellino.

3) Lack Of Mobility

Why is Emile Heskey still starting games? Why? Seriously, if anyone has a rational answer then please do let me know because I cannot even begin to fathom why Lennon would start Heskey over a now-disciplined Gary Madine in the system he's played in recent weeks. Personally I'd fuck both Heskey and Madine off so we can get Woolery in when we use the diamond, playing Clough just off Woolery and Feeney with Wellington on the right. How Lennon can say Woolery is too "raw" after scoring a very good goal against Leeds is beyond me. Also, the aforementioned Wellington will be disappointed to miss out but now Lennon has come out and said he "hasn't been playing well enough to get in the team" I think we've seen the last of the Brazilian this season, and indeed forever.

4) The Diamond

Good teams can play this formation - teams that have a big squad with lots of quality players that can play in various positions. We are not a good team and we don't have a big squad, so God only knows why we've resorted to this awful diamond shape, particularly away from home. Personally I'd play a simple 4-4-2 with Pratley and Spearing in the middle, Feeney and Mark Davies on either flank with Clough and Woolery up top. I don't like Davies out wide and I really hate Vela at right back, but needs must in some cases.

5) Neil Lennon

I've had it with this guy now. I've backed him to the hilt on multiple occasions but his tactics, substitutions and general awareness of how to get us out of the mess we're in is so far from what's needed it seems as though he's making the problem worse. Enough is enough. Get him out as soon as possible.

On to tomorrow's game against Ipswich. It's going to be another tough one...