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Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers 2-2 Ipswich Town

We drew a game of football, just. In the wake of a heroic point, Jonny rates the players on his sliding scale of doom.

I think Neil Lennon gets the feeling his days with the club are numbered
I think Neil Lennon gets the feeling his days with the club are numbered
Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

How the fuck we got a point out of Tuesday night is beyond me. Neil Lennon did everything in his power to make us lose the game, and if it wasn't for him conceding to crowd pressure (I think, anyway) and throwing Wellington Silva on in the dying minutes, we'd be that little bit closer to League One right now. Here are my player ratings.

Paul Rachubka - 6

Had absolutely no chance with their first and flapped in the air for their second but overall he had a quiet night by all accounts. Did what was asked of him.

Lawrie Wilson - 5.5

Did pretty well defensively but he lacks pace and conviction going forward. Looked very much like a player who lacks match practice. We need a younger, more natural right back that can get forward to support our wide men. Nice finish for the goal but it was more hit and hope than anything.

Derik Osede - 8

Solid performance from the Spaniard. A few loose passes here and there but he looked comfortable on the ball and generally pretty relaxed. He and Holding are forming a very good partnership.

Rob Holding (MOTM) - 9

Another outstanding performance from our academy graduate. We're going to be fucked if he leaves in the summer as I've heard whispers that Reading are sniffing around, but we'll have to wait and see how that one pans out. Hopefully we can keep him and he'll play every game for us in League One when we win by 30 points next year.

Dean Moxey - 8

I really like Moxey and I think he's shown some decent form of late. He's solid defensively and a threat going forward, plus his long throws are proving to be an asset when it comes to set pieces.

Jay Spearing - 7

Started really well but struggled when we went a goal down. His best position is by far in the midfield anchor role (a la Ivan Campo) but it's tough when he doesn't really have anyone else willing to get their foot in around him. Wears his heart on his sleeve, which I love, but he'll probably leave in summer as his wages are pretty high.

Mark Davies - 7

Provided flashes of his former self but never really got chance to get going. Our midfield was too crowded in central areas for him to do his thing, although he did provide us with some penetration going forward. In my opinion his best position is behind two centre forwards, at the top of a diamond.

Liam Trotter - 4

Utterly shite. Showed some decent form after he linked up with his boyfriend Dougie Freedman at Forest but after being out injured he's back to his old ways: slow, leggy and generally piss poor. Missed a golden opportunity to put us one up in the first half and is lucky to escape with his rating.

Darren Pratley - 6

Another vanilla performance from our club captain. He's really good at winning the ball back but then gives it away far too often. He needs a rest.

Liam Feeney - 7.5

Started brightly but disappeared after 15/20 minutes when Ipswich got back into the game. Did a decent job of holding the ball up against two big centre halves. In my opinion he also needs a rest but we can't really afford to drop him, so I'd say we do what we did against Burnley and play him out wide, rather than up front.

Zach Clough - 5

The birthday boy missed a couple of sitters that would've done us the world of good. His low rating is partly Neil Lennon's fault - he can't be expected to play up front without an out-and-out target man alongside him. He's a very talented footballer but I don't really think he's the Messiah most people say he is. The lad's got a lot to learn.


Stephen Dobbie - 0.5

Replaced Zach Clough in the 84th minute. Absolute waste of space. Genuinely one of the worst footballers we've ever had and I really do despise him. Only just managed to score the penalty that salvaged a point (and Lennon's head, ish).

Wellington Silva - 7

Replaced Darren Pratley in added time due to crowd pressure. Was directly involved with two clear cut attacks; during the first he was booked for diving and the second got us a penalty, so it's not all bad. I can see where Lennon's coming from when he says he hasn't been playing that well, but to bring Dobbie on instead of Silva was an utterly mind-boggling decision. I hope he starts against Preston as he's one of the only players we have that poses a serious attacking threat.


Neil Lennon - 2

I've had enough of this clown now. His team selection, substitutions and tactics are so uninspiring and I strongly believe he knows his days at the club are numbered. Whether he'll last until the end of the season remains to be seen.