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Immediate-ish Reaction: Bolton Wanderers 2-2 Ipswich Town

Liam watched on as Neil Lennon’s Bolton side battled back from 2-0 to secure a deserved point at home to Mick McCarthy’s strong Ipswich Town. It should have felt almost like a win for Wanderers fans, Liam didn’t feel like this and tries to explain why …

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The game was preceded by some small, and some typically dignified ceremony towards the 70th Anniversary of the Burnden Park disaster. It was well observed and the emotion of the event was felt through all generations of Bolton fans who understand the horror of simply going to the game and not returning afterwards.

The game itself was low in quality but high in commitment. Both sides worked hard to try and win the midfield battle as both teams strikers seemed completely alienated by the fact neither could get up to support.

Zac Clough struggled but he did try repeatedly to get into the game often dropping deep whilst Liam Trotter moved into the space. There was a slight issue here as Mark Davies was restricted in what he could do as the space was taken up by Trotter and the enthusiastic Clough. Davies' contributions were limited to driving runs from deep but I suppose arguably this is where he is most effective and if he continues to do so he will see some more reward.

At the other end of the pitch it is clear to me that Rob Holding has truly stepped up and now looks like he is enjoying himself in that position. His coolness on the ball and tracking ability is far superior to any centre back on our books, aside from Wheater and hopefully we should see some more strong performances to come.

Next to Holding however it is a different story completely. Derik Osede is lacking in a number of areas which for me will make him an easy target for opposition forwards. He lets his man go frequently without even looking to see if he has been picked up by another and his distribution is even poorer than that of Matt Mills, who would also constantly try those hopeful diagonals (At least he had Jutkiewicz or N'Gog to aim for, not boy-man Zac Clough).

For me the most disappointing aspect came after the game, Neil Lennon, who is increasingly looking disconnected from the club, citing that Kayne Woolery had requested not to play due to illness. It is disappointing to not see the eagerness to represent the first team from a youngster trying to make his way in the game and whilst cynics may indicate that ‘Lennon has lost the dressing room,' the respect for the manager and the respect for the shirt are two very different things and I hope Woolery can take that on board.