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Player Ratings: Derby County 4-1 Bolton Wanderers


Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Well that's it, that Bolton Wanderers away. The Whites needed a victory to delay the inevitable relegation to League One against Derby County on Saturday and, spoilers, they didn't get it. In fact, aside from a couple of players, they went down with out as much as a whimper, let alone a fight.

So here's how those (mostly) pathetic, spineless group of footballers did:

Ben Amos - 1

He made one stunning save in the first half but that does little to excuse the other four goals that flew past him, all of which he should have done better with. The first goal was a shot from distance that he typically missed, the second went through his arms, the third took a wicked deflection but he was possibly too far off his line and the fourth he dived in far too early.

Derik Osede - 5

Derik's been in good form of late when played in the centre, be that midfield or defence, so Phillips playing him at right back completely lets his player down. Despite his honest and best efforts Derik is not a right back, he tried his best against Tom Ince and co but there was little he could do when they started playing, especially since he was so exposed. He got forward well, was mostly tidy on the ball and made some good challenges but he was let down by his manager.

Rob Holding - 4

The young centre back did his upmost but just like Derik there wasn't much he could do when he was in a defence so incredibly exposed by the midfield. Didn't make any mistakes so earns some extra points.

David Wheater - 2

I don't know why he's still playing. Yeah he's alright but he's not going to be here next year so what is the point? Didn't do much of note but wasn't the worst of the bunch.

Dean Moxey - 1

Moxey was probably on course to be our played of the year this season, and he still may be, but this last few games he's reverted back to the player who was awful last year and his showings in the last four games or so have been nothing short of pathetic. The gutless tackle in the lead up to the fourth goal typifies that.

Josh Vela - 2

Ran about a lot but didn't do an awful lot.

Liam Trotter - 1

Completely anonymous. Hooked off at half time.

Neil Danns -2

Put a lot of effort in like he always does, but offered little on or off the ball. He even lost it in the build up to the third goal.

Darren Pratley - 1

Typical Pratley performance. Shight.

Zach Clough - 6

Was one of the few who continued to show fight and effort even after the horse had long bolted. Was forever chasing back and putting in defensive duties, blocking shots and the like. Why we're making Clough do that sort of work though is beyond me, he's another who was let down by his manager and played out of position. Was our only threat and kept a cool head to stroke home the penalty.

Kaiyne Woolery - 4

Chased everything all and pressured defenders but was left hopelessly isolated.


Emile Heskey - 1

Literally just fucking why?

Mark Davies - 4

Made an impact when he came on with his direct running and actually having an iota of ability. Won the penalty that got us our solitary goal.