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#LOVpod Episode 53 is Here!

Bolton are down but we try not to be!

Michael Regan/Getty Images

With Bolton Wanderers doomed to relegation to League One Dan, Tom and the returning Jonny try and lighten the mood somewhat.

With everything sorted, for now, with the club there isn't an awful lot to talk about this week but the lads still manage to get over an hour of solid content.

The show gets underway with a discussion on the weekend's 4-1 defeat at Derby County, which Dan attended. That then veered off onto a discussion on how the Whites should be playing as many youngsters as possible, no matter the score, and dealing with relegation: how will we do next year? Who will be our manager?

That of course led onto talking about the bastardly wonderful Phil Brown and Kevin Nolan.

Before things were brought to a close Tom brought out the League One Quiz, the first one since Bolton were officially a League One team. A monumental day. Full circle.

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