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VOTE! Lion of Vienna Suite Bolton Wanderers Player of the Year

This is gonna be tough

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

So it's that time of year again when the Lion of Vienna Suite lads club together to nominate our Player of the Year.

These names are then fed to you, the lovely readers, to vote - the winner becomes the official LOV POY, tbh.

So on with the nominations:

Chris Manning - votes for Liam Feeney

I know, I know - but hear me out. Although I think that Feeney is a fairly shite player, he clearly gave a bit of a toss and worked like he wanted us to get out of trouble - and you can't teach that.

A frustrating player, he was capable of excellence and I do not doubt that he gave his all for the club before moving to Ipswich Town on loan last month. He wouldn't have kept us up on his own, but he efforts were appreciated, and you can't say that about many of the rest.

Downthemannyrd Tom - votes for Rob Holding

One iota of positivity to come from the terminal illness that has been supporting Wanderers this year. Has the potential to be special, but nevertheless has a long way to go in terms of development.

Like winning an Adam Johnson lookalike competition, I'm sure Holding will be delighted with the award. Could be a very important player next season.

Tom Wilson - votes for Rob Holding

One of the few reasons I still attend games is to see how he performs, hope to keep him to see how he gets on over an entire season, future captain for sure.

Liam O'Meara - votes for Liam Feeney

A tricky one of course with so many outstanding candidates. As I feel is fitting from such a poor season, I will firstly earmark a couple players I think have been particularly bad.

Captain marvel Darren Pratley has become understandably the focus of criticism from Whites' fans and has been in poor form throughout the campaign.

We have even lost the willing running that made up such an important part of his game. Also Ben Amos has made the loss of Adam Bogdan seem perhaps more fatal than it should have been.

I'm also going to go there and say I expected more from Zach Clough, although his supply could have been better. My two players of the year for to firstly Rob Holding, who has become a major silver lining to a dire season and has made the central defence position his own and he and Clough could provide a positive legacy for difficult Neil Lennon era. I'm also going to doff my cap to Liam Feeney who despite his restrictions, became an important player for Bolton Wanderers and his loan move to Ipswich Town saw the end of any hope Bolton had of remaning in the Championship.

Good Luck in the future Liam Feeney, despite our criticisms we always appreciated your efforts.

Quentin X - votes for Rob Holding

Other than the fans, who should be given a collective medal, except those from Reebok Roar, I'd have to go for Rob Holding. Yes, he's been part of a defence that has let in more goals than any other second tier Bolton team ever, but he hasn't exactly been playing alongside players who could help him.

Pretty much ever present since December, he is a player that we can build a team around and does actually look like he gives a toss most of the time.

Rob Latham - votes for Rob Holding

After a season in which Bolton were relegated after a series of diabolical defensive displays, it seems somewhat bizarre to hand player of the season to a defender. But Rob Holding, for me, has stood out as the star player in a team of consistent underperformers.

The young defender was thrown in at the deep end in a bizarre three at the back experiment at Middlesbrough and was then played out of position as part of Neil Lennon's right-back merry-go-round. But he excelled at right-back, looking to get forward to support attacks while putting in solid displays.

Having switched back to his more familiar centre-back position he has looked calm and composed as those around him repeatedly let the side down, and was man of the match on countless occasions. Holding has been one of the few signs of promise this season and it's vital we get him signed onto a new contract and build a side around the likes of him, Josh Vela and Zach Clough next season.

Jamie Moss - votes for Dorian Dervite, in a way

The night is always darkest just before the dawn. Once we had to rely on a goal surrendering Frenchman, now we have Rob Holding.

Need I say any more?

Alastair Sledge - votes for Rob Holding

Despite not playing throughout the decision, he was one of the only players who's mistakes were down to inexperience, rather than effort.

He was exciting to watch and a highlight of an otherwise depressing season.

Jonny Eckersley - votes for Rob Holding, eventually

Ah, the Lion of Vienna Suite Player of The Year gong. It's a real struggle to dish out such a coveted, highly sought after award to a gang of utter shitehawks who have all, in one way or another, played their part in my beloved Bolton Wanderers sliding down the Football League faster than the North West's finest amber nectar down my throat on a Saturday evening.

I think, based on the fact he's been the only real beacon of hope throughout our entire campaign, my vote goes to Robert Samuel Holding. A future Whites captain and a genuine talent, Holding will undoubtedly form a really solid base to our first League One team in 20 years.

He's been consistently outstanding, particularly in 2016, and will hopefully carry his form into our new campaign in the third tier of English football.

Rob, please don't go. I think I love you

Matt Wood - votes for Derik Osede

In every game he has played he has looked like he gave a damn about every goal we conceded. He kept on doing his best even when all the others head's had dropped and had quit trying.

He's been classy on the ball and been solid in most of the games he's played for us, even when played out of position.

Dan Murphy - votes for Rob Holding

Picking a player of the year is rather hard as the vast, vast majority have been fucking shite for the entirety and don't deserve any recognition whats so ever. When I was first asked to provide my POTY my mind immediately jumped to our long lost sweet Prince, Prince Desir Gouano, the most unorthodox, thrilling, heart stopping defender I have ever seen in motion.

But he left and now I do not know.

Dean Moxey and David Wheater were both up there at one point, but after they've returned from their injuries they've both not been very good. So my play of the year award has to go to Rob Holding. He came into an awful team and shone like a diamond amongst the shit. Probably the one player who can genuinely finish this season with his head held high knowing he didn't' make a single mistake.

Tom Molloy - votes for Dean Moxey

It's hard thinking of a POTY given the season Bolton have had.

If Prince would have stayed for the season, I would have gone with him.

An honourable mention has to go to Rob Holding, who for the most part, has looked like a seasoned pro since breaking into the first team.

Despite his best efforts in the last six weeks to make me think otherwise, I'll go with Dean Moxey. He's been mainly consistent in what has been an inconsistent side. Also, why buck the trend of the last two seasons and vote for someone who isn't the left back?

So there you have our nominations.

Vote using the buttons and we'll announce the winner before the last game of the season.