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Bolton Wanderers Hire Useless Pundit Andy Townsend as Recruitment Adviser

This club becomes more farcical every day

Oi Andy, where's your Tactics Truck?
Oi Andy, where's your Tactics Truck?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

If you thought times couldn't get more tricky for Bolton Wanderers, having plummeted from the highs of European football eight years ago and an FA Cup semi-final just five years ago to the depths of two relegations in four years and nearly being liquidated earlier this year - then I'm afraid you're in for a whole new world of lows.

Today it emerged that Andy Townsend - he of Andy's Tactics Truck fame and provider of inane observations on ITV's crappy football coverage - has been appointed as a 'consultant,' and that he will play a key role in the club's recruitment.

Make of that what you will and come to your own conclusions on who exactly the former Republic of Ireland international will be responsible for recruiting. Personally, I'm desperate to know who else was on the board's presumably very short shortlist of advisory consultants. Or maybe they thought they were signing Andros Townsend?

Who knows, but I suspect they'd be better off opening decisions up to a public vote by all Bolton fans than listening to whatever Townsend has to say about anything.

Andy Townsend's footballing opinion has never - and never will be - relevant, insightful, informed or interesting. He was a national joke on ITV and only got airtime in the first place because of Big Ron Atkinson's racist rant towards Marcel Desailly.

Furthermore, it beggars belief that the new owners feel the absolute mess the club finds itself in will be best addressed by assigning important decisions about its future to someone who has never been involved in running a football club.

This decision makes me further question what on earth is going on at the football club I have followed for more than 20 years, and wonder there's any point anymore? I'm actually scared about who we will end up having as our manager by the time the new season kicks off in August.

Below is the level of footballing insight that Townsend will offer Ken Anderson and Dean Holdsworth:

Cracking stuff, can't wait for these insights to fuel our non-revival in League One. Thanks in advance Andy.

Let us know your thoughts on this appointment, and if you have any other suggestions for future additions to the club's backroom / advisory staff let us know in the Comments section below.

And to finish, here's a video of Andy Townsend getting mugged off by Vinnie Jones: