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Mass Outpouring of Grief as Fan Favourite Twardzik Heads Out of Bolton Wanderers

First Prince, now this

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

2016 has been a terrible year for losing people.

David Bowie, Victoria Wood....Prince - and now to top it all off, Bolton Wanderers legend and fan favourite Filip Twardzik. I'd like to comment that although not dead, his departure feels like a death in the family which, incidentally, is also the name of my favourite Batman book.

Twardzik joined Bolton from Celtic a while ago (doesn't it feel like longer?) and gave great service, making a total of five appearances, scoring just the once. Quite the record, I'm sure you'll agree.

He was a Neil Lennon signing, but one that Neil Lennon seemingly refused to consider playing - which was bizarre given that the alternative was Darren Pratley, Neil Danns and/or the old/new Dean Moxey (delete as applicable).

So this morning the club's pre-game press conference revealed that Mr Twardzik is currently on trail in Prague. Nobody seems to be sure whether it's Sparta or Slavia, but either way he'll be missed.

I was going to write more on the topic but I'm just too upset to go on.