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Debut Review: Tyler Garratt

Academy product Tyler Garratt came on for his debut against Cardiff City.

Garratt in action for the Under-18s.
Garratt in action for the Under-18s.
Nick Taylor/ Liverpool FC

The latest player off the conveyor belt, and I have to admit one that I had not even heard of before today, is Tyler Garratt who makes his debut at the age of 19. The youngster is from Lincoln and plays in defence, specifically at left back where he played against Cardiff City. It is also noted in various places that he is a centre back, a bit of versatility is never a bad thing.

It does appear that I am not the only one to have not really heard of Garratt with the internet being something of a barren wasteland when you search the name. What I can tell you for sure about the man is he appreciates a cheeky Nandos, but who doesn’t? Thankfully we at LOV were able to enlighten people as to who Garratt is during yesterday’s match, your welcome;

Garratt was at the Mayfair Academy and it has to be said his contract with Bolton does rather put the others on the list of their star performers to shame, though there were some other interesting achievements.

His introduction to first team football came in the wake of Niall Maher’s red card when Darren Pratley was withdrawn to allow an extra defender to come on in the 32nd minute. I would just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all Bolton fans to Maher for getting Pratley off the pitch, seriously it is much appreciated and anyone else who can do it can have a drink on me.

On the whole his debut has been well reviewed in many places. The one blotch on his debut was of course conceding a last minute penalty from which Cardiff got their winning goal. But I am of the belief that destiny is dictating that Bolton Wanderers will not win again this season so that is not Garratt’s fault, there is nothing we can do to avoid our destiny after all. But on a serious note many are saying he was unlucky to concede the penalty and hopefully his first match for the first team will help with his development.

It is nice to see that after years of scrambling about to try and find a full back we may now have three on our books capable of playing a part next season in Maher, Garratt and Oscar Threhkeld. This will also mean that there are enough other full backs for Threhkeld to be free to play in centre mid where he impressed for Plymouth.