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The Records We Could Beat Soon

If there is one silver lining to a horrible season it is that there are records Bolton could beat, let’s take a look at them.

Dean Moxey celebrates getting one step closer to being part of a record breaking side.
Dean Moxey celebrates getting one step closer to being part of a record breaking side.
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

So this has been a bad season, that’s the obvious statement of the day. But this does bring its advantages, there are records which can be beaten for being bad, and Bolton Wanderers can beat a couple as a result of this season.

The first of these was pointed out by Marc Iles;

So we only need to lose another five games this season to beat that record and better the 1970/71 and 1995/96 seasons. This should be easily attainable for the mighty Whites. With Derby County, Middlesbrough, Cardiff City and Hull City all coming up that should be four down. Then there is Brentford and Fulham away and Bolton should have no trouble losing at least one of those. That would be the five, and let’s face it Bolton will probably lose at home to Charlton Athletic too, after all they will still have something to play for when the travel up to the Macron.

So that’s one record down and on to the next.

Bolton are only seven games away from beating the clubs all-time record for away games without a win which currently stands at 28 which was set between 16th April 1979 and 27th September 1980.

Bolton’s last win on the road came in South Wales at the back end of last season with a 3-0 win over Cardiff City. If you want to relive better times then here we go;

Bolton then failed to win in their last two away games of last season and went on to play 20 away games this season and of course have not won a single one. We have four away games left this season and I do not see the club managing a win on the road this term. That would mean that Bolton would have to win one of their first three away games of next season in order to dodge beating that record. There is no way of knowing how the club will start next season but it is very possible it won’t be good.

Bolton are also very close to their record for away losses in a season. That record currently stands at 18 which was set in the 1984/85 season. Currently Bolton have lost 15 games on the road leaving them three short. That means that if Bolton lose all of their remaining away games that record will fall, something which I think you’ll agree is very doable for the Whites. Failing that losing three of the remaining four away games is very foreseeable with away losses to Derby and Cardiff very likely and if I said one of Brentford or Fulham will beat us I don’t think anyone will disagree too vehemently.

In relation to away form only twice have Bolton ever gone a whole season without winning on the road. These were both a while ago in the 1949/50 and 1979/80 seasons. Another record which can be matched this season is the least number of wins which currently stands at five and was set in the 1979/80 season. At the moment that is the number of wins Bolton have in all competitions and I have full faith in the team’s ability to not win another. In a similar vein the record for the least home wins in a season is four set in another season to forget from recent years the 2011/12 season. Again it is really believable that Bolton will not win again this season matching that record.

Other records which could be up for grabs this season would be the clubs record loss at home or away. The record home loss stands at 5-0 and has happened six times most recently against Manchester United in 2011. With both Middlesbrough and Hull visiting the Macron before the end of the season that record really could fall with that match at Bristol City in mind.

With the away defeat record Bristol City came oh so close to matching it as it stands at 7-0, something which has happened on three occasions most recently against Manchester City in 1936. With Derby and Cardiff being teams we have to visit before the end of the season who knows maybe just maybe this long standing record can topple.

Another is the record for away goals conceded in a season. This record stands at 59, a record set in the 1932/33 season. Currently the total this season stands at 45 and all it would take is another one or two massacres for this record to come under real threat.

Games without scoring is another record which could be up for grabs this season. Bolton are currently on two in a row and the record is five set between 3rd January 1898 and 22nd February 1898 and matched between 16th March 1990 and 31st March 1990. With the teams shyness in front of goal this season it is something of a surprise that that record is yet to fall.

In the slightly longer term I have been told that Bolton hold the record for the most consecutive seasons where a club has finished in a lower league position than the year before. This run left the club in what is now League Two for one season. As it stands, again I am told, Bolton are on six now. Wherever we finish next season that will become seven making it very plausible that Bolton could beat their own record on this front.

So there we go those are the record we could break this season! Say which you are most excited about in the comments below!