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Bolton Wanderers 0 - 1 Reading MOTM: Derik Osede

Jonny hands the coveted LOV man of the match gong to Wanderers' curly haired Spaniard

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

There were few things worse than Reading's away kit on Saturday afternoon. When I say few things, I mean 10 men in Bolton Wanderers shirts. Each and every one of them was bang average, expect for my favourite Spanish person in the whole wide world, Derik Osede.

The former Real Madrid man offered a small beacon of hope during our piss poor showing. To me, he looks like one of the few members of our squad that genuinely believes we can get out of this mess; optimism that has to be admired. Saturday's game looked like a real League One performance from the Whites, seriously poor and generally lacking in quality, but Derik did okay. That's it, just okay. There's not really a lot more I can say these days.

If we can keep hold of Derik in the summer, which I see no reason for us not to, he could prove to be a real asset. His pace and reading of the game allow him to play in a variety of defensive positions and I really think he relished the opportunity to play in the Ivan Campo role before Rob Holding was wrongly sent off on Saturday.

We're down, we all know that, but if we can focus on keeping hold of the few decent players in our squad before the transfer window closes laterthis year, I think we might actually be able to have a real crack at bouncing back next season.