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Opinion: Ben Amos Will Also go in the Summer

Everyone seems to think Ben Amos will stay, but Jamie disagrees.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

All the articles I have seen talking about who will still be at the club next season have Ben Amos in goal. But I disagree with the idea that he will still be at the club still next season. Amos is a goalkeeper with potential there is no doubt about that and he is in an ideal world a player we would keep, but as all Bolton Wanderers fans know this is not an ideal world.

The reality is that as a player on a high wage he needs to be moved on. Bolton need to cut the wage bill as far as possible in order to balance the books and maybe look to build again going forward. For me this means Amos being moved on in the summer. The fact that he is a player we would like to keep hold of unfortunately shouldn’t come into this equation. That for me is an aspect of the reality of Bolton’s current situation.

There is also the fact that Amos could be a player to attract a fee. If this were the case it would become a no brainer to sell him on in the summer. With Bolton dropping down a league hopefully it will be easier to move on high earners even if their pay is not matched by suiters as they look to avoid getting stuck in the tin pot League One. Also if it comes to it I could see any transfer fee being waived to allow another club to pay Amos enough to get him off our books.

It does slightly confuse me that the one high earner people see Bolton keeping is Amos. I understand wanting to keep hold of a goalkeeper who will likely be an asset in League One. But unfortunately I think that the financial realities at Bolton will render keeping Amos at Bolton nothing more than a dream.