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Offensive Gesture-gate: Fans Need to Calm Down

What a bunch of girls we are

Daniel Smith/Getty Images

It started with a tweet:

Not mine, but the picture is the star here.

So before last night's Brentford defeat, Bolton Wanderers duo David Wheater and Liam Trotter, being filmed for something called Periscope, flipped the bird at the cameraperson. A person who they presumably know very well.

The reaction was predictably ferocious::

"DEY NOT FIT TO WERE DA SHIRT" was one. Notorious Twitter loser @jayeddyy no doubt shook his head thinking about how this wouldn't happen if we selected more white players.

Personally I think it's all a load of bollocks.

Nobody knows the context. Nobody knows their mood going in. Nobody knows anything. That's the problem.

Yes it's unprofessional, but people losing their minds over this just goes to show what a bunch of wet blankets we are these days.

You've even had your Facebook losers demanding they "rip up the contracts" or "sack them for gross misconduct". It's laughable.

This is the sort of reactionary horse-shit that the internet provides:

This gesture was only that. A flick of the finger. It doesn't mean that they're laughing at our downfall. It doesn't mean that they don't care - it's something and nothing. If you're offended by it then you really need to take five minutes, calm down, and appreciate that you're overreacting to summat and nowt.

We all like to imagine that the players are suffering as we have, but be realistic - they don't and they won't.

So why are you offended? They didn't flip the bird to the fans during the game. They haven't been laughing at the end of a 4-0 hammering in the way Zat Knight did.

If you want to have a pop at the players and slag them off, then fine, but don't then run away like some sort of tart if they were to give a bit back.

This culture of being offended by everything is very Liverpool.