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Bolton Wanderers Officially Relegated, & I'm Relieved

I'm not happy

Neil Danns - incapable of anything
Neil Danns - incapable of anything
Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

It's been coming for weeks, but the day has finally arrived - Bolton Wanderers have been relegated to League One.

After what has been the worst season in living memory, the club has finally succumbed to a combination of factors, including a directionless board, a terrible manager and the worst squad in the history of our fine club.

This spineless shower can go and jump off a cliff, for me. We as fans have been let down from the first game onwards.

A captain, in the shape of Darren Pratley, who has given up the ghost. Someone who despite not being the best player ever can usually be relied upon to try...our captain gave up weeks ago. He had the temerity then to suggest the boardroom wrangles had an impact on the field - well unless Dean Holdsworth was in goal when we let in six then I'd venture that you're talking shit, "Prats".

The likes of Gary Madine, Dean Moxey, Paul Rachubka and Neil Danns can't help being terrible at football, but the lack of effort is what grates amongst the fans.

So we're down, and I'm relieved.

It's been coming since October, let's not kid ourselves.

When the season is done and dusted and we look at the positives and negatives, then it's going to be very hard to come up with many in the positive column. Rob Holding? The Supporters Trust? It's a short shortlist.

The negative column is as long as your arm, and my arm is massive.

I embrace change, and so League One holds no fears. For the younger fans I can see how it represents a sort of footballing oblivion but trust me - football is a cyclical animal and you have to take the rough with the smooth. We'll be back.

A summer of upheaval awaits. There will be changes and sacrifices made. We can but pray that we've seen the back of most of the present squad. The ones that remain will be entrusted with the revival of this great club.

Relegation has happened, and I'm relieved.

Dean Holdsworth and Sports Shield - it's over to you.