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Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Hull City - Man of the Match Emile Heskey

This is not a drill....repeat this is NOT a drill

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Je suis the sort of person who has a problem with the 2016 edition of Bolton Wanderers still employing Emile Heskey.

I totally endorsed this with a big, fat retweet:

So therefore I absolutely did not envisage myself awarding the big man the official LOV MOTM award.

He won every header, and dominated Harry Maguire and Michael Dawson - despite being very Emile Heskeyish in barely troubling the Hull City goalkeeper.

He was a genuine pest throughout his 70mins or so, on the pitch, and it was by miles his best performance in weeks.

That's not to say that I want him to hang around at the club - I still hope, and expect, that he'll be gone in the next 10 days.

Thanks and goodbye, you stump.